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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mag scans of [Turbulence] filming

Charmaine and [Turbulence] cast are currently busy filming at Zhongshan, Mainland China at the moment. Here are some magazine scans (read: tabloid) on the filming. Again, the articles are mostly rubbish, so take a pinch of salt and look at the pictures instead.

Credit to Bebe from

Image Hosted by From the information given to fans who visited Charmaine at filming site, she's been filming a lot of 'torturous' scenes for the last week. Got splashed by water, bullied by other, standing in the rain, got hit by car, got knocked by horse... Feel so sad for her!

Plus the living condition is bad... heard that the hotel they stayed in are really old and not that hygienic. TVB should provide better place for their own actors. When the mainland cast came to HK to film DOL, they were arranged to stay in a 4 star hotel. But they force their own artists to stay in such lousy condition...

During spare time our dear Charmaine will accommodate requests from fans to take pictures... not only them, but tourists as well. Because the filming park is actually open to public... RMB50 per entrance if I'm not mistaken.

Hehehe... she also played poker with co-workers but she's not good at it. I remember one fan diary said that Evergreen Mak visited the set and showed Charmaine what souvenirs he is getting for Catherine Chow (her best friend) and Charmaine teased that his gifts are a bit lame. Lol...

p.s. Updated AOD preview clips.

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