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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worried for assistants, Charmaine Sheh contacted Benny Chan


Credit to Bebe

[Wenweipo 17/05/2008]

Charmaine Sheh's new series [Forensic Heroes 2] will be airing next week. While filming the series, Charmaine even sacrificed her personal evening dress by tearing it apart. However, she doesn't mind as long as the outcome is beautiful. In addition, she performed some of the action stunts by herself. "There's one scene where my character jumped down from the pedestrian bridge onto the top of the van then leaped on the ground. We used a stunt double for the pedestrian bridge part. I want to try doing the stunt by myself but they did not allow me, fearing that I'll injure myself. I performed the part where I jumped from the top of the van, I did hurt myself a little but it's no big deal."

Charmaine is currently busy filming [Turbulence of West and East] and will be taking 2 and a half month break after finishing filming. She will be returning to Hawaii to accompany her mother for a month and attend functions to earn money for the rest of the time. When asked if she is going to date, Charmaine reply: "I will look out for opportunities during that period because I am hoping to find a boyfriend. (Have you seen your rumored boyfriend Benny Chan?) No. (But you lived in the same building?) I haven't run into him, but I did call him yesterday because previously I have 2 assistants, one from Chongqing, another from Sichuan and I'm worried for their safety as I'm unable to contact them. I know he hired one of them, so I called him to ask about their conditions. I feel relieved after knowing they are alright. Unexpectedly he (Benny) asked me why I'm not asking about him since he is also in Mainland China; I told him 'well you answered the phone, which means you are ok'. In the end I didn't ask his whereabouts, I only know he's not in Sichuan, haha."

Charmaine went to Sichuan before, it turns out that she co-invested in a restaurant with Eric Tsang in Chengdu; luckily it's not affected by the earthquake. Because they are rushing to film series, Charmaine might not be able to attend the fundraising telethon. She hopes that everyone will unite and donate money, big or small amount to help them. She felt that Hong Kong people are very fortunate, we should lend a helping hand as a Chinese.

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Sehseh: From the radio interview, Charmaine said that they are still trying to change her filming schedule so that she could attend the telethon, so look out for the live broadcasting!

Updated: Charmaine's character summary in FH2 translated.

Speaking of the earthquake fundraising, please support Charmaine Sheh International Fanclub donation drive for earthquake victims! Details are available in the post below.

Save a Life and Make Charmaine Proud!

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