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Sunday, May 11, 2008

TVB mag: 《東山飄雨西關情》filming

Mag scans credit to Bebe

Summary translation added May 13:

The sufferings of 3 young masters of East Hill

Joe Ma – The ever-changing young master

*In the series, Raymond is the only true young master. He was Liza Wang's wedlock son whom she abandoned. He worked as the family chauffeur without realizing the secret.
*At the beginning, he is very kind and naïve, but due to many factors his personality changed for the worst after he became a young master. This role has a lot of potential.
*Joe represents the feudal mindset and is complete opposite with Charmaine is more modern mind. As they both came from poor background, they supported each other and Joe has always admired her. They finally became lovers but his changed personality is breaking them up.
*Joe doesn't mind working with Charmaine again and expressed that their rumors are fake.

1. After Raymond's father Kwok Fung was killed, the family started to have problems.
2. Joe wanted to regain his family power and vowed revenge against his enemies. He turned despicable and this led his to the point of no return.

Raymond Wong – Increasing weight, being a filial son

*Even though Raymond's role is a young general, he also has kidnapping scenes where he was beaten up badly. However, he does mind as he find it fun filming period series.
*This is the first time he filmed a series with topic revolving around social relationship and marriage: "Nowadays, divorce is a common phenomenon. Back then this could ruin the life of a woman. They have a different mindset, therefore it’s quite challenging."
*Apart from romantic scenes with Charmaine, he have quite a lot of scenes with his mother in the series; Liza Wang. When she first saw him, she said that he is too thin. It was due to over-exhaustion filming previous series [Xing Shuet] that he lost 10 pounds. He tried very hard to gain the weight back while filming [Turbulence].

Captions from left clockwise:
1. In the series, Charmaine came from a poor family but fell in love with Raymond despite their social differences.
2. East Hill is a crucial location for army's back then, and Raymond was born in a family of soldiers.
3. It's not easy being a young master – not only he was kidnapped, he was also beaten up.
4. Charmaine jumped into the water and rescued Raymond. Because of this, his family started to accept her.

Edwin Siu – The rascal with a sense of justice

*Edwin left Hong Kong to Mainland China to expand his career in 2005, but returned to HK upon his mother's request in 2008. [Turbulence] is his first series after returning to HK, therefore he sees himself as a newbie and seek acting advice from his co-stars.
*Unlike Joe & Raymond, Edwin is not a young master in a series, but a jobless bum. However he is in love with Selena Li, who portrayed a rich young mistress.
*Because of their social differences, they had to overcome a lot of obstacles to be together – Edwin remarked that it’s lucky he wasn’t born in that period!

Captions from left clockwise:
1. Selena is willing to put down her image as rich mistress and saved Edwin. They became closer after this incident.
2. Though he was from poor background, his straightforwardness attracted Selena.
3. In the series, Selena is best friends with Charmaine, but because of her parent's pressure Selena gave up on her relationship with Edwin.
4. Selena and Edwin rehearsed their lines seriously before the camera rolls.

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More filming pics credit to Belle

I brought my pc to repair shop yesterday, so technically I'm not supposed to be online today. However, call it intuition, I have a hunch that there's going to be Charmaine's update today and I'm correct! Not only there's mag scans of [Turbulence], there's also FH2 trailer featuring Charmaine (check out 2 posts below). To top it off, TVB mag have also released FH2 drama booklet containing the characters summaries.

I'm at cyber cafe, so I won't be able to translate the articles until I go to office tomorrow (however, note that I have a lot of paperwork next week, therefore I can't guarantee immediate translation). Work have to come first so I hope you all will be patient with me.

I will be posting the FH2 drama booklet shortly.

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