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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 promo trailer (TVB)

Clip 1: Bobby, Frankie & Yoyo

Clip 2: New beginning

Clip 3: Solving crimes with forensic science

Clip 4: Mdm Ma & Mdm Leung in action

Clip 5: Locard Exchange Theory

Clip 6: New cast, new cases

Clips credit to Bebe

This page will be updated as soon as new clips are available, therefore it's recommended to bookmark this page.


Anonymous said...

OMG! The 5th trailer! Charmaine almost married before?!

ANd who dare slap our Charmaine?!! Didnt someone already slap her in Turbulence?...Man...

Thanks for the trailer Sehseh!

Viet_Gurl said...

LOL! The first thing that went through my mind when Charm got slapped was: "WHO SLAPPED HER?!?" Hahas. OOH and in the trailer it looked like Kevin was about to kiss her.. well he was leaning in.. xD

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