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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 drama booklet

Warning: Some SPOILERS in the scans

Mag scans credit to Bebe

Finally, more information on the series and especially our super duper cool Madam Ma.

As per explained earlier, I have just sent my pc for repair, so it'll take some time for translation. p.s. Mentioning old dying pc, please support my laptop donation fund! Please click on the Paypal donation button in my left sidebar. Any amount, small or big will definitely be appreciated!

I skimmed through the article and here's some interesting info on Charmaine's character. It does contain spoilers so keep noted before proceeding and please do not reveal the spoilers in cbox.

Charmaine's character is cold and strict - she often steps on other people's tails when she on a case. She is those outwardly cool but inwardly passionate type.

Her father have two wives and though she is first wife's daughter, her side is looked down by the 2nd wife, who came from wealthy background.

Kevin and Frankie is attracted to Charmaine, but in a different way. Kevin is romantically interested in Charmaine, while Frankie sees her as an inspiration for his mystery novels. Frankie knows that his best friend Kevin likes Charmaine, so he kept his admiration deep down (he made Charmaine the heroine of his novel). Charmaine likes Frankie at first (but I personally think she end up falling in love with Kevin). I have a bad premonition seeing her in bloodstained wedding dress.

Note: Character translation done, you can read it in the post title FH2 Official Site post on May 16.

Note: I did some major updates below - go ahead and check out new FH2 AOD clips courtesy of Ivy and also some [Turbulence] filming pics. Poor Charmaine being slapped - Ouch!

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