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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forensic Heroes 2 cast celebrates Charmaine Sheh's birthday

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[Mingpao, Takungpao, Oriental Daily, Wenweipo 29/05/2008]

TVB series [Forensic Heroes 2] held a promotional event yesterday afternoon. As the event is water theme, most of the actors were topless while some of the actresses wore sexy swimwear such as Shirley Yeung, Shermon Tang, Vivien Yeo etc. However, the lead actresses Charmaine Sheh and Yoyo Mung chose a more conservative style. Even though Charmaine covered her bikini with a T-shirt, she remains the center of attention as it was her birthday yesterday. Stephen Huynh was late to the event, therefore they urged him to give Charmaine a birthday kiss.

Charmaine laughed and said that she did wear bikini (cantonese slang for bikini means '3 dots'), and her shorts are full of polka 'dots'. When asked if other actresses stole the attention by wearing sexy swimsuit, Charmaine said she did not pay attention as she is not a guy. Instead she really wanted to see Bobby Au in Speedo with his round belly so she was disappointed that he didn't attend today.

When reporters point out that she is the most sexy today, Shirley smiled and thanked them for complimenting her figure. Shirley also made some safety precaution on her swimsuit earlier. In the series, Shirley portrays a girl with the face of an angel but the heart of a devil. She also indicates that there are plenty of fiery scenes between her and Charmaine. When asked if they get along, she said that they are ok and their chemistry is much better after [Angels of Mission 3D]. When Charmaine was asked about her scenes with Shirley, she said that everyone have plenty of interesting scenes in the series.

Mentioning of the rumor of TVB selling off stake, Charmaine expressed that Uncle Six (Sir Run Run Shaw) is a good boss and the company have always been operating smoothly therefore she hope there won't be any changes. She joked that maybe they should give assurance by increasing the salary.

During the game session the male cast members pulled Vivien into the water. Afterward she covered her face with the towel and they thought she was crying. Vivien later explained that she's not crying but because her contact lens was almost flushed off by the water. Regarding being pulled into the water by the guys, she laughed: "Maybe I have terrible social relationship! (Why are you avoiding sexy image today?) I'm a conservative person! Plus, Charmaine is the real star today, so I shouldn't steal the limelight." Vivien said that she is not always dressed sexily.

Producer Mui Siu Ching punished the guys by having them lined up and kicked into the water by the girls.

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Image Hosted by Well Charmaine did wore a bikini as promised, so technically she didn't lied yesterday. Lol...

Also added AOD preview clips for Forensic Heroes 2, credit to Ivy! Thank you Ivy for coming to the rescue! The link to the AOD clips can found at my "Links and Downloads" section on the left.

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