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Monday, May 26, 2008

Charmaine @ 娛樂直播 eBuzz interview (26/5/08)

Credit to Bebe
Download the clip here.

Image Hosted by Hehe Charmaine giving witty answers as usual. I have also added the download link for the interview in case tudou is loading slow for you. There's not much new info in the interview, but definitely an entertaining interview where we can see Charmaine let her personality shine through.

Ratings for Forensic Heroes 2 (19 - 22/5) = 33 points (peaking at 35)

There will be another FH2 promotion on Wednesday (28/5) which also falls on our lovely Charmaine birthday. The time and venue is to be confirmed.

Save a Life and Make Charmaine Proud!

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