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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New series info《東山飄雨西關情》

Charmaine will be filming new series 《東關飄雨西關晴》next month. Other confirmed cast members are Liza Wang, Joe Ma, Selena Li, Edwin Siu, Kiki Sheung, Sharon Luk and Leo Lee. Filming is expected to finish in June, with the cast traveling to Zhongshan and Shunde for outdoor scenes in May 2008. The series have 30 episodes and the producer is Kwan Wing Chung.

Note: Updated 28/2 - The chinese title have been changed from《東關飄雨西關晴》to《東山飄雨西關情》

Cast & character name:
Selena Li as Fong Bo Kei
Raymond Wong as Poon Cheuk Wah
Edwin Siu as Kwan Ho Cheung
Charmaine Sheh as Yip Heung Qing
Joe Ma as Poon Cheuk Hing
Liza Wang as Chong Fung Yi

The cast names are from Selena's website Elegant Selena. Charmaine & Joe's character names are not confirmed yet, just a guess from reading the synopsis.

I've tried contacting the admin but the systems keep saying that the mail is undelivered. I will be posting the info here after translating them into english. Since I couldn't contact Elegant Selena admin for now, please note that the translated info cannot be reposted at other site until due notice. Also, please do not post the spoilers in cbox.

Synopsis of "The Turbulence of East & West" (some spoilers)

West Gate (Sai Guan) is Guangzhou most prosperous area since olden times. Those who lived in West Gate are the wealthiest in Guangzhou, mostly prominent merchants. East Gate (Tung Guan) since the end of Qing dynasty has been the living place for important military officials. Those who lived in the western-styled houses are definitely powerful officials.

West Gate Ladies are rich young ladies which practiced the traditional culture and received higher education. East Gate Master, are the young masters who have studied abroad. Both of them are perceived as outstanding people, therefore mutual admiration and love is expected by the society. However, can they really find happiness from this so called 'perfect match'?

Yip Heung Qing is born in West Gate from a prominent family. Unfortunately, when she is still young her father passed away in an accident; and with her older brother still young and inexperienced not only they were unable to protect their fortune, they ended up heavily in debt and poverty. Heung Qing has no choice but to work diligently with Heung Yeung by selling porridge at Lai Wan. Busy with livelihood, Heung Qing has long forgotten about love relationship until she met Poon Cheuk Wah. It is very clear that their status and background are far apart. Cheuk Wah's mother Chong Fung Yi naturally opposes their relationship and tries to break them up in every possible way.

Cheuk Wah later marries Bo Kei but couldn't forget Heung Qing, therefore the husband and wife relationship is very distant. It turns out that Bo Kei, a young heiress have all along loved a small time gangster Kwan Ho Cheung. Due to differences in their status, their relationship couldn't withstand the society pressure and separated in the end. However after Bo Kei marries Cheuk Wah she slowly understand the meaning of true love. If two people who doesn't love each other are forced to be together, both will suffers great pain. In addition, she was affected by Heung Qing positive outlook on life. She finally reaches an agreement with Cheuk Wah and overcome all obstacles for a divorce...

Note: Please do not repost the translation. Thank you for your co-operation.

p.s. I find it a little weird that the main synopsis didn't mention anything about Joe's character. However, the synopsis is credible since it came from Selena herself therefore it's normal that majority of the info is about her character storyline.

Selena’s character synopsis: (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Personality: Receiving fine education since childhood, studied the ways of the west. Has both the feminine elegance and advanced foresight at the same time. Therefore, she is the epitome of Sai Guan Lady who is well mannered, educated, have ambitions and innovative mind. Though she she’s highly educated, she lacks courage. She couldn't break through the feudal shackles, sinking oneself into worries.

Background: Born in a wealthy family, her father is a banker in West Gate. Her father dotes and pours attention in nurturing her, allowing her to study abroad after completing primary studies in West Gate. Influenced by western thought, she has unique view on the family and society. Once schoolmates, Heung Qing was influenced by Bo Kei's mindset and caused her to yearn for an independent life. The two of them are as close as sisters.

Under the arrangement of her father, Bo Kei was engaged to Cheuk Wah who came from an equal background. However, Bo Kei has no feelings for Cheuk Wah. In addition Heung Qing and Cheuk Wah were already dating at that time. Bo Kei pretends to date Cheuk Wah in order to cover up for Heung Qing and Cheuk Wah meeting. At this time, Bo Kei unexpectedly ran into small time rascal Kwan Ho Cheung. Due to the vast differences in their status they did not expect to fell in love with each other. Maybe it's also partly due to motherly instinct, partially admiration Bo Kei slowly realized that Ho Cheung is not a bad person. On the contrary, he is just a small being abandoned by the society. Though he grew up in a rough community he is not corrupted. Therefore, Bo Kei hopes that Ho Cheung to start anew and her determination has led them falling in love. However, their relationship is obstructed by their status and society pressure therefore they didn’t dare to make their relationship public.

Before long, their relationship was exposed. In order to separate them, Bo Kei was forced to marry Cheuk Wah. Bo Kei couldn't find the courage to give up her status and family and didn't elope with Ho Cheung. She has no choice but to marry Cheuk Wah whom she have no feelings with. Bo Kei and Cheuk Wah each have their own love in their heart, but they were afraid to break through the shackles of feudal society. They are husband and wife in name only. Bo Kei still secretly meets Ho Cheung and felt tortured by their relationship. Bo Kei finally gave up and decided to sacrifice by proposing divorce to Cheuk Wah.

Cheuk Wah agrees for a peaceful divorce. Unfortunately Cheuk Hing who was in power strongly opposed to it. Later, in order to defeat business rival Fong Zheng Kong (Bo Kei's father), Cheuk Hing framed Bo Kei and Ho Cheung of committing adultery. Ho Cheung was imprisoned; Zheng Kong lost his status and became depressed. Bo Kei couldn’t endure the pressure and committed suicide.

Note: Please do not repost the translation. Thank you for your co-operation.

Added info 24/2: Sharon Luk will be playing Selina's stepmother and will have a lot of scenes with Charmaine.

I've found out that Lydia Shum passed away yesterday morning. My condolences to Joyce Cheng and may Lydia's soul rest in peace.

Too many depressing news lately...

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