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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Charmaine Sheh not afraid of rumors with Joe Ma

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[Chinapress 17/01/08]

Last year there was a rumor that Joe Ma and Benny Chan broke out in a fistfight over Charmaine Sheh. Since they will be working together for the 4th time in new series 《东关飘雨西关晴》(Dong Guan Piu Yu Sai Guan Ching), they might be the subject of rumors again.

Charmaine have worked with Joe Ma in [Strike at Heart], [Maiden's Vow] and [Drive of Life]. In regard of the possibility of creating rumors in new series, Charmaine laughed: "We worked together so many times, everyone know we are good friends so I'm not afraid of rumors. In fact I often went to have a drink with him and his wife!"

The early period drama is about the story of 西关小姐 (Sai Guan Lady). She will be working again with Liza Wang. Because she has worked with Liza in [Glittering Days], Charmaine will not feel too pressured this time around. Charmaine have just finished filming [Forensic Heroes 2] and is currently on a filming break. She will be meeting fans in Johor Bahru along with good friend Bobby Au Yeung on the coming 18th.

Charmaine happily said that this was the 2nd time working with Bobby since [Witness to a Prosecution 2]. However, their relationship in this series is limited to colleagues, while the romance department falls on Kevin Cheng's role instead. When asked if Kevin fit her requirement as real life boyfriend, Charmaine was momentarily stunned before resuming her answer: "Well he is a gentleman, a good man… Wah, you asked about this too suddenly that I have no idea how to answer!" Have you two gone out together before? "We went out in a big group a few times, for example celebrating the wrapping up of filming series!"

In [FH2], Charmaine will be portraying a high-ranking inspector who is cool, doesn't talk much and focused in her job. In the beginning, her colleagues did not accept her style but through high case solving record she manage to resolve and close the gap between them. Asked whether she hoped to receive any awards at [Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007], Charmaine said artistes would not decline awards given to them. As long as they receive recognition, they will feel happy.

Charmaine doesn't have plans to film movies at the moment. "I did received some movie offers, but unfortunately the schedule clashed with my series filming. Plus we have to be selective in movie offers so it all depends on the opportunities. The company (TVB) does not hinder our development in movie field."


Sehseh: Lol, the title for Charmaine's new series is looonng... Anyway Sai Guan Lady is not a single person, it's just a term for the modern lady living in Sai Guan back in those days when Guangdong was starting to receive western influences. I guess we will be seeing plenty of lovely cheongsam and trenchcoats in the series. Joe and Charmaine will be playing ill-fated lovers in the series.

The part when Charmaine answered about Kevin is very funny. Most probably she never sees Kevin in that light (as potential boyfriend) so she's a bit surprised when asked of such topic. However, IMO they are compatible in terms of look.

Anyway, please remember to vote for Charmaine as Fav Actress at Astro Award!

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