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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

[VOTE] Astro WLT Drama Awards 2007

It's the time of the year where Malaysian TVB fans go crazy voting for their favorite TVB artistes - phone credits get depleted, thumbs aching from sms-es.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo, what are you waiting for? - Join the madness now!

Rule: You must be Malaysian and have a valid account (prepaid or postpaid) with local telco such as Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

This year, our dear Charmaine Sheh is nominated for three categories, which is My Favorite TV Character, My Favorite Leading Actress and My Favorite On-screen Couple.

Below is the simple but important procedure to vote:

My Favorite Character

P Kah Chun Fen (Dance of Passion) Charmaine Sheh
To vote, SMS to 33888:



My Favorite Leading Actress

E Kah Chun Fen (DOP) Charmaine Sheh
To vote, SMS to 33888:



My Favorite On-screen Couple

D Song Tung Shing & Kah Chun Fen (DOP) Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh
To vote, SMS to 33888:



Important: Please note there is a space between the category code and nomination number. For example, after keying in WLT7, make sure there is a space before keying in E.

Voting begins on December 17th 2007 and will end on January 19th 2008.

The award ceremony will be held on January 26th 2008.

Official site:

p.s. I'm just kidding about the going crazy part. Don't go overboard until you have to survive on bread and water for the whole month because Charmaine will be sad if she found out.

Image Hosted by But if you have deep pockets, let show 'em the power of fans! Vote, vote, vote especially on the Favorite Leading Actress category!

For more information on the voting process, Ivy have posted more details on her blog. Visit her site here.

1 comment:

endlessjoy said...

Charmaine is only nominated for DOP? I thought she would be nominated for LWOLAP. She was wonderful in there with Raymond. Interesting...

I would actually like it better if Charmaine is nominated for LWOLAP and Best Couple with Raymond in there. But anyways, she's nominated and that's what matters, and it will be even better if she wins!!!

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