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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Raymond Cho take rumors as a joke

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[Source: The Sun, Oriental Daily, Singtao Daily 1/12/2007]

Newlywed Raymond Cho resumed his work yesterday. His mood is not affected by the tabloid rumors and he went on chatting and joking with fellow cast members. Though seeing her partner Raymond being happily married, Charmaine Sheh did not have an impulse to get hitched. However, she admitted it's about time for her to get married and if she found someone suitable, she is willing to give up her career.

Raymond Cho, Charmaine Sheh, Yoyo Mung, Matthew Ko and a number of actors filmed outdoor scenes for [Forensic Heroes 2] at Kowloon City yesterday. This is also Raymond's first filming after taking a break for his wedding three days ago. He expressed that there is still plenty of things he need to do, such as organizing his safety box and bank account, in fact he haven't finished unwrapping the wedding gifts yet. He also needs to buy some gifts as a token of gratitude to family and friends who helped in organizing the wedding. Among the gifts received, Raymond is most touched by the wrist watch given by his father-in-law David Chiang, as well as an edited clip of his wedding and his wife pregnant tummy recorded by his sister-in-law. All these are precious gifts that cannot be bought with money.

Preparing nutritious soup for wife

Raymond disclosed that his wife delivery date will be before Lunar New Year and for now they have chosen for natural delivery. When the time comes he will take a few day leave to accompany his wife. At the same time he have already hired maid and babysitter, coupled with the help of friends and relative made Raymond is a bit relieved not being able to accompany her during the whole month of maternity sitting. Mentioning that his baby will be born in the year of golden pig, he frankly said that a physiognomist told him that children born in the year of pig and rat are lucky to him and his wife. Referring to a tabloid magazine reporting that he paid zero wedding dowries while his wife brought bride dowry worth over $1 million, Raymond expressed that the magazine is infamous for their lack of integrity therefore he won't respond to them. No one really know the truth except his family, therefore they take it as a joke and will not be affected by this kind of news. Even his friends feel unfair for Raymond and called his wife complaining about the magazine, but the most important that there is nothing wrong with him. After completing his scenes, Raymond quickly left. He was in a hurry as he wants to buy some ingredients to cook nutritious soup for his wife, such a filial husband.

Doing charity and waiting for romance luck

There was a huge crowd of passer-by surrounding the filming location yesterday. Among them is a group of students collecting charity fund by selling handkerchiefs. When Raymond and Charmaine saw them, they took out their wallet and donate to charity. Charmaine even donated more than $200.

When asked if she have the impulse of getting married after attending Raymond's wedding, Charmaine laughed that she was in a rush that day thus she didn't manage to enjoy the atmosphere. She indicated that her career luck is ok, but her romance luck has not arrived yet. When reporters teased her that she has to spend time for romance, Charmaine said that romance luck is hard to come. However, if she met a suitable partner she is willing to stop working to find time for romance. She feels that she is already at a suitable age to be getting married, since she's not 18, 22 years old anymore.

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