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Sunday, November 25, 2007

[WTA] Jordan bites back at complaints

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[Wenweipo 25/11/2007]

TVB series [Word Twisters' Adventures] cast had a promotional event yesterday and among them Jordan Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Sharon Chan, Mimi Chu and Tsui Chi Ming played games involving egg rolls and marshmallow. Jordan is eager to play, while Charmaine is initially reluctant but joined in anyway.

[WTA] ratings recently reached 34 points but there are also complaints from audiences saying that Jordan’s language and expression are crude in the series. Jordan laughed: "I'm never a nice kid, I'm always crude. Go ahead and sue me as you please. If this kind matter is necessary to be complained about, then HK television won't improve at all. In addition, parental guidance advice was displayed during the airing of the series." Jordan felt injustice that the audiences only know how to complaint.

When asked if his dialogue follows the script, Jordan admits that he doesn't purely follow the script dialogue therefore he's not angry. However the audiences' complaint doesn't seem to affect Jordan's mood as he announced treating the cast to a celebration meal.

Working for the first time with Charmaine, Jordan expressed that it was a happy experience. He said: "I'm surprised that Charmaine doesn't have diva attitude. (Did you expect Charmaine to have diva attitude?) Well, it's common among high rank actresses."

Charmaine also supported Jordan, saying that she doesn’t feel his character is crude at all. If it was really crude, it definitely won't be aired on TV. When asked if Jordan's personality is really crude in real life basis, Charmaine joked: "He's really loud and I never saw the gentle side of him. Perhaps he is very selective at whom he's gentle to."

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Image Hosted by Lol... typical 'in-your-face' reply by Jordan. What Jordan said is true, the dialogue isn't that crude and parent have the responsibility of educating their children, not the idiot box. I'm glad that WTA ratings improved. Let's hope the average rating for last week will exceed 30 points mark.

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