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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Charmaine Sheh Says It Is Time For Marriage

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14 November 2007
Emma Lam

TVB series The Word Twisters' Adventures <鐵咀銀牙> achieved good ratings of 32 points (approx 2.2 million viewers) in its first week and to celebrate the good start, cast members including Jordan Chan (陳小春), Michael Tse (謝天華), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) took part in a promotional event today at the Wishing Tree of Taipo's Lam Village.

Jordan arrived late for the event and was made to pay for lunch after making everyone wait. The stars then wrote their wishes onto wishing papers before throwing them into the tree. Charmaine wished for the ratings to get even better.

Charmaine's character in the show hopes to find herself a good husband and she was asked if she also hopes to find a good man soon. She smiled that it is about time, but she will leave it up to fate to arrange it for her. She said that when her mother saw how hard she has been working, she suggested that Charmaine should get married and stop working because she does not want her daughter to work too hard. Charmaine said she is seeking someone who will love and cherish her, who she will be happy with, but he has to be taller than her.

Jordan was asked about the complaints that have been received about the series and the crude language used being a bad influence on children. He said that in the year 2007, formal dialogue is too boring and parents should be taking responsibility for teaching their children correctly and not just complaining at every opportunity, because that is just picking at old wounds. He added that if they like complaining so much, they should go and complain about politicians instead. Jordan admitted that he is interested in entering the political arena to speak out about matters that others don't dare to.

Spotted by reporters when he was buying a ladies' bracelet earlier, Jordan was asked if he is dating. He hesitated and laughed that he has a lot of lady friends. Pushed for an answer, he admitted that he was okay and had been dating for a while now.

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Image Hosted by Cool outfit, Charmaine! Haha.. she have a huge collection of lovely boots, I tell ya. I'm glad that WTA is receiving good ratings for its 1st week airing. Let's hope the ratings continue to increase as none of the current TVB anniversary series have past the 30 points average rating yet.

Charmaine is busy filming FH2, which explains why there's no 'annual' news of her trying out jewelleries for TVB anniversary celebration. Wonder what she'll be wearing?

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