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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Angels of Mission: An alternate ending?

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Ah Fa: Charmaine Sheh
Dan: Patrick Tam
Madam: Sonija Kwok
Bowie: Shirley Yeung
Fai Chui: Timmy Hung

Bowie: This building changes color, sometimes red, sometimes blue. If it changes to red when the clock strike midnight tomorrow, Dan you have to choose Madam, and if it’s blue then you choose Ah Fa.


Next evening, Dan arrived in front of the building and waited until midnight. When Ah Fa and Madam saw Dan using chance to choose between them, they were disappointed and left.

After Ah Fa left, Madam turned back to find Dan and Dan saw her leaving. She went up behind him and said: "Dan, why are you evading left and right? Evading won't solve the problem! If you want to choose us based on chance, isn't that unfair to us? I can't imagine that you don’t even know who you really love, it that is so then I am truly disappointed with you!" She turned to leave.

Dan: Madam, I'm really sorry. It was just now that I realized whom I love most. Just before the clock strike midnight, I suddenly thought of Ah Fa. I remember how we first met, become friends, and even neighbor. We always play mahjong, eating instant noodles, drinking beers and watched soccer matches together. I always see Ah Fa as my buddy. It was until Yeung Sir wedding when Ah Fa expressed her feelings to me, only then I started to doubt if I really like you or Ah Fa. When Ah Fa was shot and hospitalized, I realized I couldn't lose her. After searching for so long, my other half is actually by my side all the time. Treasuring loved one, this is what you have taught me.

Madam sighed: "Then quickly chase after her, Ah Fa just left a moment ago."

Dan: I'm sorry Madam.

Madam: "Why are you saying sorry? If you chose me but the one you really love is Ah Fa, then you need to apologize."

Dan gave Madam a smile, turned around and started to run.

Madam: Hey Dan! If one day I am shot like Ah Fa, will you cry for me?

Dan: Of course! Because we are friends forever.


Dan: Ah Fa, I already cleared things up with Madam. A lot of things happened; I realized the one I love is you.

Ah Fa: Then what about Madam? She will feel sad; you are just too much!

Dan: Then how about you? I know you have done a lot of things for me. Without you, I won’t open the car showroom. I know everything. I won't hurt you anymore. Ah Fa, I love you. I am clear about this.

Ah Fa started to get teary eyed. She laughed and said:

"Wo Dan Keung, I will now use my authority as a police to hijack you as my boyfriend."
*Referring to spoken line when the HK police need to 'borrow' citizen’s car to chase after criminals.

Dan: Yes, Madam!

The screen changes and Dan narrates his thoughts: "The moment the building changed into red at midnight, I knew that if I accept fate, I will regret this for life. Because feelings should not be taken lightly."


A year later, Fai Chui returned to HK and bumped into Bowie at a café (because the clip was heavily edited, the poster couldn’t see clearly. However, Bowie and Fai Chui never reconcile their romance).

Madam also found a new boyfriend, it seems like he's Michael Tong.

As for Dan, he's eating the dinner that Ah Fa prepared. Dan now owns 3 car showrooms. (The poster did not write about Dan’s further narration).

The ending scene is funny, as Dan was once again held hostage in the lift. He had to be rescued by Ah Fa, Madam and Bowie.

-The End-

The original article in chinese can be read here.

I was doing my daily routine of browsing for Charmaine's update today when I found an article of Angels Of Mission (AOM) alternate ending in Baidu Forum. A fan allegedly have saw the alternate ending on a rental VCD in Msia/Singapore. So far this is unverified but the ending does sound better than the original one.

"Wo Dan Keung, I will now use my authority as a police to hijack you as my boyfriend."

I love this line, so sweet and funny at the same time. This is because when Charmaine & Patrick first met, she hijacked his car as bullet shield and that was the first words she spoke to him.

Therefore, in the alternate ending Charmaine ends up with Patrick (in the original ending he also owned 3 car showrooms as well), Sonija found her dream guy, while Bowie... is Bowie I guess.

If anyone of you have this version of alternate ending (assuming it's true), can you please upload to youtube or tudou?

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Funn Lim said...

This seems more like a fanfiction, an ending the fans wrote. If there had been an alternate ending TVB would have hosted a special 30 min segment about it. So this can't be it.

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