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Thursday, August 23, 2007

[Dicey Business] & [Dance of Passion] goes international

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Bobby Au, Charmaine Sheh nominated as Best Actor, Actress

[Apple Daily, 2007/08/23]

After winning two major leading actress awards at TVB anniversary award last year, Charmaine Sheh continue to advance into the International Emmy Awards. Along with Bobby Au in [Dicey Business], they are nominated in the "Best Performance by an Actress" and "Best Performance by an Actor" category respectively in International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' 35th International Emmy Awards. When Charmaine received the news yesterday, she was shocked as she did not expect it. Although facing five foreign competitors, she maintained her composure and expressed that she will have some confidence.

Many Hong Kong movie stars such as Chow Yun-Fatt and Michelle Yeoh etc. have branched out into international market, and now television stars are following their footsteps as well. According to news from yesterday, Charmaine and Bobby are nominated as Best Actress and Best Actor in the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' 35th International Emmy Awards for their role in [Dance of Passion] and [Dicey Business] respectively. The participants for International Emmys came from non-US series worldwide and the results will be announced at the gala event in New York on November 19.

Asking Bobby out for a celebration meal

In this award, six actor and actress competes in each category. TVB leading actress Charmaine and Bobby who won Best Actor for his role in [WTP] in year 2000 are the only Hong Kong artistes who was successfully nominated. The other competitors came from non-US countries worldwide. Yesterday, when reporter informed Charmaine who have just returned to HK from Malaysia, it turn out that she have not heard of this news yet. Therefore she was quite stunned and said through the phone: "So surprised! Very unexpected! I have heard of Emmy awards before, but I did not realized I was nominated, so happy right now."

When mentioned the judges have selected [DOP] for this category, Charmaine believe that it was chosen because the series genre, costume and also vast desert background are quite unique. She added: "Filming that series is really tiring, with a lot of physical scenes. I'm happy being nominated; there is some confidence. However, whether winning or not, I'll let things go with the flow. But it's definitely worthwhile to go out and celebrate with Bobby."

TVB's External Affairs Department, Assistant Director Mr Tsang Sing Ming confirmed Charmaine and Bobby's nomination in International Emmy Awards. "Yes, this is true. This news is a huge inspiration to TVB artistes, it proves that our production have international standards. Whether winning or not, it's already an honour for Hong Kong TV to be nominated, and even greater honour to the artistes themselves."

On the other hand, Charmaine went to Hawaii earlier to pay her mother a visit. Afterward, she went to Malaysia to judge the "Minutes to Fame" finals. In a talent segment, Charmaine performed the hula-hoop around her tiny 22-inch waist, winning thunderous applause from audiences. Her favourite participant is the little boy who imitates Michael Jackson dancing.

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