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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Charmaine Sheh Guest Stars in Malaysia's "Minutes to Fame"

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After several weeks of vacationing in Hawaii, Charmaine Sheh appeared in Malaysia' "Minutes to Fame" show. Along with singer, Lam Yu Chung, Charmaine acted as one of the judges. The host was Joey Leung Wing Chung.

The show had numerous game segments. When Charmaine demonstrated playing the hula hoop, the entire audience clapped. Among the contestants, one boy was dressed like Michael Jackson and had an entertaining performance. When she saw how cute the boy was, Charmaine rushed over to play with him.

During one of the contestants' performance, Joey Leung rang the bell to have him halt his singing. Since the audience liked the contestant's performance, Joey had to allow him to stay.

Charmaine was accompanied by one bodyguard on her trip to Malaysia. She happily tried out local street vendor delicacies and ate "Mice Noodle" 「老鼠粉」.

Afterwards, Charmaine will have to travel to various places for work. When she returns to Hong Kong, she will be filming "Forensic Heroes 2" with Bobby Au Yeung.

Source: Takungpao, Wenweipo

News translation credit to Jayne Stars.


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