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Monday, July 30, 2007

[Steel Lips Silver Teeth] Filming wraps up!

Jordan Chan TVB Mag blog entry

Fighting with best friend

In the series, Jordan Chan and Michael Tse both portrayed Guangdong Top 4 Lawyers as Chan Mong Kat and Fong Tong Geng respectively. Their relationship is like metor-friend, yet feeling envious of each other at the same time. This series revolved around their battles in court, and also a lot of comedic scenario that will attract audiences’ attention.

In the series, Charmaine Sheh (Na Lan Jing Jing 纳兰菁菁) and Michael were supposed to be a pair of lovers, but for some reason she was forced to marry Jordan. Therefore their relationship was a bit complex. Earlier, they filmed a scene where Michael imagined fighting against Jordan for Charmaine, and guess who won in the end? Since [Young & Dangerous] movie, Jordan and Michael have not collaborated for almost 9 years but still remained best friend.

Jordan's captions (anti-clockwise from top left)

1. Watch out for my moves! Be afraid!
2. Because of certain reason, Charmaine was forced to marry me.
3. Michael and Charmaine dated first, their relationship is very good.
4. Seeing that Charmaine is unhappy when she marries me, it's difficult for me too!
5. I have just strike and Michael was already scared! But it was just his imagination. We are good friends in real life.

Michael Tse TVB Mag blog entry

Learning to be a lawyer

Last week they filmed a scene where Sharon Chan (Imperial Consort Yee), the imperial consort who pretended to be a courtesan. However Emperor Qianlong (Wu Fung) found out and got really angry that he took a journey to search for her.

Michael has always stayed at the courtesan parlor, not because he was a womanizer but because he likes to see the happenings of different people who went there. Therefore, he was there when the emperor arrived at the parlor. Together with the help of Jordan, they persuaded the emperor to forgive Sharon.

In order to portray this character well, Michael watch a documentary show on lawyer to observe how they act. In order to look good and sound convincing in court cases, there's a lot of technique to be learned! Jordan is also a lawyer in this series, apart from helping each other they do occasionally fight as well. In one scene, Jordan challenged Michael to a chess game, which has to follow rules set by Jordan. In the end Michael won, and Jordan had to strip down in public.

Michael's captions (from top to bottom)

1. Charmaine, Jordan and I begged the emperor to be lenient on Sharon.
2. Wai Ying Hung tried to help as well, but in the chaos she was pushed down by a soldier.
3. Jordan challenged me to a game of chess.
4. Want to challenge me? I’m not afraid.
5. Jordan wanted to test my ability, and I won in the end. Therefore the loser has to strip down in public.

Charmaine Sheh & Jordan Chan holding hands?

First two article credit to Bebe from The last one was a tabloid article...

The last article is actually a gossip article, so I won't elaborate more. If you know how to read Chinese, just take the article with a pinch of salt. Anyway, the article said that Jordan and Charmaine became "close friend" after filming [Steel] and they're seen touching hands and Jordan often tell jokes to make Charmaine laugh. In response to Jordan's often changing his dialogue last minute, Charmaine also joined in the fun by adding funny replies too. The article also claimed that Jordan was the one who presented Charmaine sexy lingerie for her recent birthday party (definitely not true because they have just got acquainted then, I don't think Jordan would dare to give such gift, not even as a joke).

In the outdoor scenes above, Jordan, Charmaine & Yuen Wah got lost in the forest on their way home and therefore Jordan (who btw is Charmaine's husband in the series) held her hand so they won't get separated in the heavy mist. It also said that Jordan offered his hand to Charmaine off-screen, but appeared awkward when they realized reporters are around. (Gosh, I call that gentlemanly – lending a hand to a lady who had to trek through trees and bushes, and of course they will be wary of reporters, God knows what rubbish they will write).

Sehseh: I did not fully translate the articles above, only the parts that are important so do keep that in mind if your are reposting somewhere else. Some due credit will be appreciated.

Charmaine have already gone to Hawaii for holiday, so she will not attend any public functions in meantime until September where she will return to HK to film [Forensic Heroes 2].

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn meantime, I will try my best to churn out (overdue) article translation, interview, clip subbing etc for the coming month so we'll still get news of Charmaine every now and then.

Hope Charmaine enjoy her 110% well deserved holiday!

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