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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Past MHK reminisces their pageant experience

Credit to Bebe

The above is an interview special with all past MHK winners in conjuction with MHK 2007. I won't comment on this year's winner, since I haven't watch their performance but if based on looks alone, well I'm really disappointed.

Anyway, looking at the clip above, I can't help but feel that MHKs from pre-2000 are much more prettier and well rounded than the current one. With the exception of Kate Tsui (great confidence) and Aimee Chan (I like her sweet persona).

Other past clips of Charmaine in MHK:
Charmaine in Q&A section:

Charmaine and MHKs in TVB anniversary:

p.s. Also added: Miriam Yeung MV - Dedicated to MHK

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