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Friday, July 20, 2007

[Drive of Life] Subtheme 愛在記憶中找你 (with lyrics translation)

Note: This a ripped version from the MV, not clear yet.

Download the mp3 Link 1 or Link 2. Credit to Raymond Forest.

Title: 愛在記憶中找你 /Love searching for you in memory
Singer: Raymond Lam

我與你 這一生 哪個可比
我與你 差一些 永遠一起
邂逅時間場地 似連場好戲

愛太重 深呼吸 欠缺空氣
愛太美 輕輕的 卻載不起
愛情來到時候 似明媚天氣
它走了 突然驟變雪落雨飛

* 如果可以恨你 全力痛恨你
無非想(要)放下你 還是掛念你
我們亦有一些距離 *

你太遠 該怎麼 說對不起
你太近 一轉身 卻己高飛
快樂也許太短 似場流星雨
一眨眼 就如幻覺怕又記起

repeat *x2


Lyrics translation

Me and you
How to compare in this lifetime
Me and you
Almost be together forever
The time and place we unexpectedly meet
Is like a drama
Doesn't know where to start

Love is too heavy
Not enough air to breathe in
Love is too beautiful
Lightly yet unable to carry it
When love arrived
It's just like a beautiful weather
When love is gone
It suddenly changed into blizzard rainstorm

*If I could hate you
Painfully hate you with all my strength
Hiding and evading when we encounter
It's because wanting to let you go
But still missing you
Who is more miserable than I am
Fearing being reminded of the past
No matter how hard the arms are stretched
There is still distance between us*

You are far away
How to say I'm sorry
You are very near
Yet suddenly left in split second
Maybe happiness is too brief
Like a meteor shower
In a blink of the eye
Feels like a mirage yet afraid to remember

Repeat * x2

I rather heartlessly hate you
I'm still searching for you in my memories

Sehseh: Phew... finally finished with the translation. I apologize if there is any mistake because errm... some chinese words are too 'artistic like' to translate precisely into english. I hope the translation above is good enough.

If reposted, kindly give due credit.

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