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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Drive of Life" Promotion Continues - Charmaine Sheh Likes Being a Landlady

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[Ming Pao 11/07/07]

The series marking the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's Reunification with China, "The Drive of Life", held another promotional event yesterday, attended by Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Michael Miu, Toby Leung and Gigi Wong. The event was held at the Beverley Hills villas and the stars all turned out in elegant outfits despite the simmering heat.

Charmaine, Myolie and Jessica were arranged to arrive in a horse drawn carriage and Charmaine indicates she found it was good fun, but quite scary, when the horses started kicking each other suddenly. Asked if she is interested in investing in the luxury villas, she says she is, but it will depend if she can get a discount from the developer. Asked if she likes to buy properties as investments, she says: "Yes! I don't know how to invest in stocks and shares and property will keep its value well. I have two properties myself, one that I live in and one that I rent out. My dream was to be a landlady for a living, so I don't have to work."

Jessica has been dogged by rumours that she will be leaving for ATV, but she finally revealed yesterday that she signed a two-year contract in October with TVB, so she still has another year and a half with the company at least.

There have been reports indicating that Raymond has been shrugging off his responsibility, after reports of poor ratings in the Mainland, by indicating he is not a leading role. Raymond says that he was not happy after reading this report and explains that on that day, he was asked whether he has a lot of screentime as a leading character, to which he replied that he is not the only leading character because there is also Damian Lau, Michael Miu and many other leads.

Myolie was asked about rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong being a bit of a playboy recently, buying expensive cars, watches and clothes and she supported him saying his image is good and that as an artiste, then a change of image is not unreasonable. Asked if she will be the first female passenger in Bosco's new car, she says: "I have never been in it and I did hear him say he wanted to buy a car earlier, but he did not ask for my opinion."

News translation credit to Em TVBspace.

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