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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Indescribable Years: Charmaine Sheh

Part 1

Part 2

Never say 'Lose'. That have always been Charmaine's motto.

Watching this interview bring back a lot of fond memories for me. From the moment Charmaine won 2nd runner up in MHK 1997, she's been thrown into the complex entertainment circle that most of us could barely comprehend. By the end of the interview, I'm so touched I am slightly lost for words. Though short, this interview is way better and sweeter than Be My Guest interview.

This interview shows the true personality of Charmaine: Intelligent, hardworking, tough, straightforward and humorous. Of course she is not perfect but I love Charmaine as the total package, good points and bad points. This interview remind me of why she is worthy of my affection, time and attention for many, many years to come.

My favorite part of the interview is about her inability to cry on-screen because she simply hate crying. During a sad scene with Sunny in FFOSM, she couldn't cry so Sunny tried to coach her by narrating her character sad background etc - and even Sunny himself begins to cry and she was like "Er... no need to be so serious, bro". Afterward, when the director asked her to watch her performance, she realized how terrible her acting was and started to cry. Sunny and the director immediately pushed her out and re-shot the scene, with her crying for real. Later, she practiced crying in front of the mirror - and laughed when tears rolled down. Haha... she thought she was going crazy.

This is definitely my next to do list - subbing in english. I bought my new hd but I haven't format it yet, so can't access my pc yet. I will try to sub it by the end of this month.

Download the clip here.
Credit to Fongie4.

p.s. Please note that the above is my personal opinion of the interview. Please do not repost the above as an article. Thanks for your co-operation.

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