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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Charmaine Sheh learns to be cunning

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[Wenweipo May 13, 2007]

Charmaine Sheh will be acting as a lawyer in TVB new series [Steel Lips Silver Teeth]. When she goes to court, she will wear men's costume. Yesterday, during the costume fitting ceremony, she specially appear wearing male clothings. She indicated that when she received the scripts, she realized her dialogue are very cunning, therefore she feel pressured in her upcoming performance. She said: "Being a lawyer in modern series is already difficult enough, it's even more difficult in costume series. According to the script, my character is a person who is familiar with Qing law code, I still don't know how to cope with it."

Charmaine will be working with Jordan Chan, Michael Tse and others in this series. When reporter point out that Jordan often have rumors with co-stars, Charmaine think that was due to him still being single. When asked because both of them are still single, will there be any sparks? Charmaine replied: "I'm not afraid of rumors with Jordan, I just want to complete filming a good series." Reporter rephrased Jordan's frank reply that he is 'looking forward' to have rumors with Charmaine, she laughed, "Cannot be. I've never met such kind of person. He haven't take his medicine* today, later during meal I will feed him the medicines."

*Taking medicine is a chinese joke of impliying someone is crazy/out of their mind.

Guarding against Jordan and Michael's prank

Furthermore, Charmaine frankly said that she is prepared to be pranked on by Jordan and Michael. Therefore, no matter how weary she is, she will not fall asleep in front of them, not drinking from again from the same drink, sort of like going to clubs and beware of her drinks, maintaining a 24 hour on guard condition.

On the other hand, earlier there was a report saying that Benny Chan and Joe Ma went up tp Charmaine's home and both of them got into a fight. Charmaine expressed that she was not in Hong Kong for the past half month, so she's not aware of such report. However, she believes that they won't fight, because they are good friends. Because Benny lives in the same building as Charmaine, she believe that day Joe was just going up to meet Benny.

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