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Monday, May 07, 2007

Jordan Chan not afraid of rumors with Charmaine Sheh

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[The Sun May 7, 2007]

Jordan Chan, who has not filmed TVB series for 10 years, recently returned to old nest. He will be working with TV Queen Charmaine Sheh in new series [Chan Mong Kat], filming to begin mid this month. In the series, Jordan portrays the mischievous "King of Ideas" Chan Mong Kat, pairing up with Charmaine.

When asked if he is worried of having rumors with "Rumor Queen", Jordan joked that there are possibilities: "We are both single, so nothing is impossible. But honestly, I'm here to film series, not to court girls. Rumors are unavoidable."

Everytime a singer film series, they will be accused of exchanging for award? Jordan laughed loudly at this: "I don’t even have a song this year, how to exchange for award?" Turns out that his mandarin album was only recorded halfway, and unfortunately after filming [Chan Mong Kat], he will be going to Beijing to film [陳真傳] (another series/movie). Therefore his album will keep being delayed. There’s a slim chance for his album to be released this year.

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