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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Next Magazine TV Awards 2007 award presentation

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Plenty going on at the Next TV Awards Ceremony

[Ta Kung Pao 30/03/07]

The Next TV Awards 2007 were presented yesterday, including the Top 10 TV Artistes and many other awards. The Top Ten included Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Louisa So, Bosco Wong, Roger Kwok, Bernice Liu, Moses Chan and Shirley Yeung. The atmosphere at the event was very lively with many rumoured couples making an appearance, such as Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow; Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and Fala Chen; Moses Chan and Bernice Liu. The ladies all dressed up in sexy dresses, with Bernice in her deep-V evening dress and $700,000 jewels being the most eyecatching. Tavia Yeung and Jessica wore low cut dresses and Charmaine wore jewellery worth nearly $1 million.

Rumoured Couples Brought Together

With Bosco appearing with his two rumoured girlfriends Myolie and Fala, the press asked them to pose for photographs after the group photo. Fala seemed to want to run away quickly, whilst Bosco was momentarily unhappy about it. Myolie was the most gracious about it and called out to Fala to join them in the photo. When Niki and Kevin received their award, they were teased by the reporters who asked them to stand closer together. Afterwards, Niki was asked about the earlier accidental admission by Kevin that she was his girlfriend and she said: "I will not respond to anything related to that. (You seem to be smiling very happily!) I am always very smiley. (Will you only reveal it when you get married?) Well if we got married it would be hard to hide, I will not talk about dating, everyone in the world is the same."

Anita Yuen Considers Comeback to TVB

The organisers invited Xiong Dailin and Anita Yuen as presentation guests and after the event, Anita seemed to be chatting away merrily with TVB executive Virginia Lok, even claiming that she was 'TVB's Goddaughter' during the photograph. Asked if she will be filming series for TVB again, she smiles: "If I can earn some money, then why not?" She says she has been in negotiations all along and in the past, then of course she has wanted to head abroad, but now she is very envious of Esther Kwan who can go back into filming after having a baby. She admits that after not working for a while, she begins to get the itch to work again. However, for childcare reasons, she will have to select her script carefully and give herself a good reason to sacrifice her time with her son. Anita is also thinking of having another child in a couple of years, but she will have to see how she gets on with her slimming.

Ms Lok Supports Sonija

Virginia Lok was very supportive of Sonija Kwok and does not believe that she will be the mistress in an affair, saying that she knows how to tell when her artistes are telling the truth or lying. Ms Lok also indicates that she does not feel Sonija is dating, but she is worried that the recent reports will affect her image. As this was just unlucky for Sonija, there are no plans to freeze her work and the company will continue to promote her healthy image. As Michael is not a company managed artiste, then she has not yet spoken to him about the matter. Sonija has been very calm emotionally and despite some strong reactions in the past against gossip, she has responded very calmly on this occasion. As her manager, Ms Lok will not intrude into her private life, unless it affects her work. She will support everyone as long as things go well and everyone gets along.

Asked about the reason why Sonija is always being noted as a third party, Ms Lok says that there are many different types of pretty girls and Sonija is one who easily causes gossip, because her beauty is one that can really do some damage and maybe married women will be more afraid of her.

Sehseh's note: Most of the news is more to gossips (regarding Sonija), so I'll just be posting Charmaine's part.

Sonija Kwok Would Not Date Michael Tao - Friends Standing By Her

[Ta Kung Pao 30/03/07]

With the news that Michael Tao and his wife Wong Wai Bo (Ah Bo) going through a divorce, Sonija Kwok has been accused of being the third party in their relationship. Sonija took part in two events yesterday and she was prepared for the questions, clarifying that the breakdown in Michael's marriage is in no way related to her and she is not the third party. She also received a phone call from him yesterday to say sorry to her, but he did not ask for any explanations on the matter. TVB executives Virginia Lok and Stephen Chan support her innocence and will be helping her to rebuild her tarnished reputation.

Charmaine Sheh has also seen the reports and does not believe them. Of course all three people involved are her good friends and when she heard the news she was very unhappy, but she believes they will know how to deal with it. She adds that she will ask Sonija how she is when she sees her, but because it is not true, there is no point in mentioning it again, especially as she is an outsider. As for the ending of the relationship between Michael and his wife, does she feel it is a shame? Charmaine says that this is up to them to measure. As for suggestions that this has damaged Sonija's image, Charmaine says that this will not happen but you do have to be careful, yet still not lose sight of yourself. Partnerships are a very personal thing and you have to deal with them carefully, bringing them in line with everyone's principles.

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Sehseh: I have updated some clip and pictures of [Drive of Life] filming. Go check it out here.

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