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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Raymond Lam Spreads Germs to Sheren Tang

[The Sun 26/01/07]

TVB Grand Production "The Drive of Life" will be aired across South East Asia on 1st July and originally, the show had been scheduled to air on China Central Television Channel 1's prime time slot at 8pm, but another series marking the 10th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong has appeared on the scene entitled "Hong Kong Sisters" and this series has won the coveted spot, with "Drive" being moved to Channel 8 instead. The theme song to the series has been confirmed to be sung by Hacken Lee and written by Joseph Koo.

Also, with the weather recently being up and down, some of the show's cast members including Raymond Lam, Jessica Hsuan and Sheren Tang have all caught colds and filming on location in a Happy Valley funeral scene yesterday, Sheren looked very tired. To avoid infecting other people, she wore a face mask when she was not filming. She reveals that she was already unwell when she was filming on location in Canada and she had to take a couple of days off to rest earlier. Many of the other cast and crew are unwell after a lot of cross infection and as Raymond was the first to be unwell, he has been blamed as the source of the illness. He says that he is always ill whenever he is filming and admits that he was the first to be unwell.

News translation credit to Em.

Sehseh: I'm happy that Hakken will be singing the themesong for [Drive]. Though Ray sings well but without a doubt Hakken's powerful vocal is most suitable for this grand series. Not to worry though, I'm sure TVB will arrange for Ray, Ron and even Joe to sing one of the subthemes. I wonder if Charmaine will be singing one too... (anticipates)

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Here's my additional news translation:

Cast fall sick one after another. Sheren divulged Ray as germ spreader.


On January 25th morning, TVB filmed outdoor scenes for 60 episode series [Drive of Life] at a cemetery in Happy Valley. Due to the weather suddenly turned cold, the series main cast such as Sheren Tang, Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam and part of the crew have caught flu. Sheren divulged that it was Ray who spread the flu.

Most of the [Drive] cast Sheren, Jessica, Michael Miu, Ray, Gigi Wong, Toby Leung and Power Chan filmed outdoor scene at a cemetery in Happy Valley last January 25th. The scene is about Sheren's father in the series passing away.

Main actor and actress fall sick one after another

During filming, we only see Sheren and Toby crying in front of the grave, while on the other side, Gigi and Jessica were laughing. Michael indicates that Lau Kong (Sheren's father) in the series was one of the wealthiest tycoon in the city. He passed away due to old age and therefore Michael's family inherited his father-in-law's business.

The truth is, Sheren's acting has already received recognition from all. She started to cry straight away and her eyes and face are swollen very soon. After finishing filming, Sheren quickly wore a mask and coat. She said that she have been suffering from flu for quite some time. She said: "I already got the bug at Canada, but because busy filming, there's no time to rest well." Did she ask leave from the producer? "Actually the producer is very kind, before this I was really sick and the work was stopped for one day, giving me time to rest properly." Sheren divulged that the flu came from Ray.

Regarding being accused as spreader of germs, Ray said: "It's true that I fell sick first! Therefore all of them blame me for infecting them, but I already recover much!" Ray frankly said that because the weather has turned cold and he doesn't know how to take care of himself, so he got the bug. "Actually, what flu needs most is enough sleep and rest! This series have a lot of cast and support, therefore it's more relaxing. I already finished filming today!"

In addition, when the usually mischievous Jessica was asked whether she was infected, she said: "I'm going to see the doctor now! I have to return to the studio for filming this afternoon. So while I have time, I'm going to see a doctor! (Are you infected by Ray?) No! I think I fell sick earlier than he does."

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Meanwhile, check out [Drive] update of Michael Miu's filming here.

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