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Monday, January 22, 2007

Raymond, Charmaine & Ellesmere filming [Drive]

Thanks to Popcorn's notification in spcnet, I have found and upload outdoor filming pics of [Drive of Life].

From the pics, the scene seems to be in late 90's - Ray have big perms and look at those handphones! Hahaha... I forgot such designs existed... so old fashioned and what a difference from our nowaday mega slim phones. Ahemm, not that I've not used the old fashioned ones before.

Anyway, I guess Ray's character is pulling a prank on Charmaine in the scenes below. Since he is smilling gleefully and waving goodbye while Charmaine looked so upset (Oh, you are so dead!). From the synopsis, they're loggerheads in the beginning so it's not unusual for him to trick her boarding the ferry. I'm not sure what happened between Ellesmere and Ray, but the former might be nagging Ray :P Don't take my words seriously, it's just my random guess.

Important: All pictures credit to Manfat. If reposted the pics, kindly credit him.

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