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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ron Ng, Charmaine Sheh – Underground Relationship?

Warning: Please do not repost this article in Asian Fanatics news forum. For obvious reason, I do not wish for this article to be reposted and I hope you will respect my wish. In the past, my request has always fallen on deaf ears and me being in not-so-good mood lately, will not hesitate to make those recurring ‘deaf’ sorely regret their action. Believe me; I can be pretty scary when I'm 'un-nice'.

Ron Ng secretly chauffeuring Charmaine Sheh


Charmaine Sheh is HK television series queen and often has rumors will popular TVB actors. In the newest issue of [Sudden Weekly], it was reported that she and Ron Ng was having an 'underground relationship'. They showed a picture of her leaving from his residence parking lot, with Ron driving the car. After she alights from the car, Ron discovered there was reporters and covered his face.

Charmaine Sheh and Benny Chan have dated for four years, but because TVB was against artistes dating one another, they could only make it underground. No one expected that shortly after they made a clean split, she changed to having an underground relationship with Ron.

Pretends to be blurry

Regarding pictures of this 'chauffeur relationship', Charmaine pretends to be blurry and doesn't admit it. As for Ron, he frankly admitted that he’s just giving her a convenient lift after work. However, when reporter investigated his work schedule, he doesn't have work on that day. In addition, he immediately went home after dropping her off. Saying that it was a convenient lift was a weak excuse.

Charmaine and Ron's rumor started since end of last year. It was rumored that Charmaine and Ron went drinking, singing karaoke in a bar and she suddenly sat on Ron's lap. Yesterday (Jan 19), at《巴巴闭 边个够我查笃撑》radio interview, the lap sitting rumor was brought up. He said there was no such thing, and he doesn't know Charmaine well. It was only recently that they worked for the first time in series [Drive of Live].


Sehseh: Before I comment anything, allow me...


Ahemm, okay, okay. But it was really funny that the reporter made this up. I wasn't a tiniest bit upset when I saw this article. Instead I was amused because they made up a simple incident into an elaborated story. I mean, they're just normal colleagues and they don't even consider as close friends. I can count with fingers on one hand how many times they appeared together in a picture, and there's barely any interaction. So saying that they are going out is a bit far fetched. Plus, their personality are so different... it's like tea and coffee, day and night.

Poor Ron. The chap is just giving Charmaine; a ride as a coworker and they end up being tabloid headlines. If giving someone a ride on their car mean they are having a relationship, oh my then I myself have an extremely colorful personal life. In addition, they have no proof or pictures of her appearing in Ron’s car park. The most rubbish accusation was about the lap sitting a few weeks back (this, I'm upset of) because they have no evidence or pictures. Zero.


enkiko said...

If that's the case,I suspect I'm having an affiar with my Dad!Cause he fetches me to school...DOTS.

Funn said...

But Sehseh don't you hope this to be true? I mean she is not young anymore, she always wants to have a stable relationship, I mean sure Ron can't act but he's not that bad a looker. Wouldn't that be good news? That she has a boyfriend? I'd rather Ron than Benny or even some old rich dude.

Anonymous said...

sheh.that is not a bad least ron is very me you two is a perfect match.i was suprise when i heard this news.i mean both of you are my idoles and ur dating each other.

marsha said...

I don't think so. Poor charmaine...always hounded with all these news! Loads of people have given me rides here and there before and I date none. Ron drives Charm to the port and they're suddenly having a relationship. totally ridiculous. unless reporters can show that they have a extraordinary chemistry OFF-screen, then I say no way.

as for whether it's good news or, it's not. Charm, I think, if not yet desperate. From the way Ron jumped and stammered answering the questions, he is not capable of handling Charm. :-) Charm deserves someone who can jump up and give the kind of answers that Roger Kwok gave.

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