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Monday, December 11, 2006

TVB Sales Presentation Clip 2007

Haha... It's kinda late for me to post up the clips. But it's better late then never, right? Plus, the clips have english subtitle, so it will definitely help for those non-chinese educated fans. Another added bonus is there is a mini trailer of The Family Link, Devil's Disciple, Master of TaiChi and The Ultimate Crime Fighter!

1. Drive of Life

Download the clip: Link 1 or Link 2

This TVB-CCTV 60 episode mega series is one of my most anticipated series of 2007. The series are star studded with Damien Lau, Gigi Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, Sheren Tang, Myolie Wu, Michael Miu, Michael Wong, Ron Ng, Toby Leung with popular mainland stars such as Liu Ging Sang, Feng Shao Feng and best newcomer Zhao Ke.

I will be posting the filming progress in my site, so come back often!

2. Heart of Greed

Download the clip here.

This is what I call the old school style of TVB series. Family feuds, in-fighting, illegimate child, wealth and status - wait, sort of reminded me of Dallas, Days of Our Lives etc. Lol...

It's funny that Ray is just a guest star here but get the most publicity. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but it's kinda unfair to the main cast. I guess favoritism does play an important factor for producer Lau.

3. On the First Beat

Download the clip here.

The sequel of [The Academy] and also perhaps the last series Sammul Chan filmed with TVB. With all the hoo-ha caused from the 'betrayer' scandal, I doubt Sammul would ever return to TVB. Anyway, there's plenty of new cast here, courtesy of EEG of course - which means there's nothing much to shout about the acting. Watch it for your idol or pretty faces.

Edited Dec 12th: Okay, I take back my comments about Sammul not filming with TVB anymore. Apparently, he's negotiating contract term with TVB, that means he will soon be TVB's "son" like Ray, Kevin, Ron etc.

4. Armed Cavalier with Golden Spear

Download the clip here.

The story is adapted from a wuxia novel, but I can't remember... perhaps it was Gu Long's? Adam Cheng and Gigi Lai looks good in their costumes.

5. Legend of Demigods

Download the clip here.

Seems like TVB really like Benny to portray characters from famous Chinese fairytales. After Journey To The West II and Gods of Honour, TVB produced another famous canon of immortals, which is Legend of Demigods. Fellow co-stars are Sunny Chan and Linda Chung.

I'm crossing this series off my list since I'm only fond of one of the main stars, well the other two... (yes, Benny's included)

6. The Seventh Day

Download the clip here.

I did not watch UTCOL, but I'm very impressed with this clip. It does gives a romantic feel. Plus, who can resist a handsome face like Kevin? I'm not fond of Natalie as Bosco's onscreen partner (pardon me for thinking she's the odd one out of the beautiful cast) - but then again, I'm tired of seeing Selena or Linda onscreen.

7. A Beauty of Versatility

Download the clip here.

Apart from [Drive], I'm really looking forward to this series, which is an adaptation of classic literature "Dream of the Red Chamber". However, there is no confirmation whether TVB is going to film this and even if they do, Ada won't be in it since she'll be filming the lengthy 80 episode [Jewel] below. Apart from Ada, I can't think for another perfect candidate for the role of Wang Hsi Feng. Maybe Maggie Cheung Ho Yee can do (she's really good as the arrogant and powerful queen in TCS) but no one can emulate Ada's onscreen presence.

While I have nothing against Shirley Yeung the person, I'm absolutely cringing at the possibility of her portraying the weepy Dai-Yu. I'm hoping that TVB find a handsome young actor as Bao-Yu though, such as Fred Cheng. Though Matthew Ko look good, can't imagine him as Bao Yu...

8. The Family Link - Devil's Disciple - Master of TaiChi - The Ultimate Crime Fighter

Download the clip here.

The trailers for four of the series are very short, so I just merged them in a clip together.

Family Link - TVB's version of "Desperate Housewives". Sheren star in yet another female empowerment series, while Leila Tong joins the cast as the 'younger housewife'.

Devil's Disciple - Adapted from an computer game, if I'm not mistaken. I'm sticking with my comment last year after seeing pics and mag scans of the filming. Seriously, TVB ancient hairdo are getting weirder by the day...

Master of TaiChi - The fighting chereography should be good, since Vincent Zhao stars in this series. Plus, it also stars some of my fav TVB casts, such as Ray, Fred, Power, Derek etc.

The Ultimate Crime Fighter - Previously known as "Super Cops", this series is a supernatural action series, starring another famous action star; Yuen Biao. Also, Kevin Cheng play a deliciously evil character here.

9. The Brink of Law

Download the clip here.

Let's give Steven a warm 'welcome back' to modern series. I can't even remember which is the last modern series for him... oh yeah,VOH2. Anyway, I look forward to this series because not only Steven's here, Mai Shuet will be playing a villain, which seems like a 1st class b*itch from the clip. I've always like Mai Shuet :) Another reason I want to watch this is because I want to give Ron a chance - prior to [MIP], I've been avoiding his series left and right.

And please don't remind me that Shirley is here. To be fair, Shirley was fairly competent when the scene doesn't require extreme emotion like shouting in anger, crying loudly etc from her. That is why I'm giving Price of Greed a chance, because she's mute in there.

10. The Splendour of Jewels

Download the clip here.

This is a Chik Kei Yi's 80 episode mega production about jewellery business. I can hardly stomach long series (yes, [Drive] would be difficult for me if the plot turns out to be bland), so 80 episode series kind of killed my interest. I'm not going to rent this series when it's out, however I will wait until it finish airing and decide whether I should rent it later or not.

11. Cordial Heroes

Sorry, the above clip was not mine so there's no english subtitle nor download link. My version of vcd doesn't have Cordial Heroes clip. Not to worry, I'll download it and add subtitle myself if I had to.

I've seen posts complaining TVB not learning their lesson after the flop of [Always Ready]. Actually, TVB film one series for uniform body annually, so it's actually sort of a public service rather than earning advertising revenues. However, Charmaine has indicated that she would not participate in this series should this series be filmed.

Q: Great, new series! When will it be coming out?
A: Not all clips shown in sales presentation will be filmed. Some are just suggestions or ideas which are presented to the advertisers eg Canon, 3D Jewellery, Sony etc. If the advertiser show interest and willing to buy the advertisement slot, the series will be put into consideration.

Q: Why the cast in the series is different from the sales presentation clip?
A: Again, when the clip was filmed, the cast was not bound by contract to film it. In other word, no expectation out of the cast, unless the series has been confirmed prior.

That's about it for TVB Sales Presentation Clip for 2007. The above is just my personal opinion on the series, I apologize if I offended anyone's feelings. Hope you guys enjoyed the clips!

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