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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Glitzy Singers

Updated March 10, 2008: Due to popular demand, I have re-uploaded the songs into sharebig. Please download the clips while they are valid because I can't really keep re-uploading them from time to time. Otherwise, I'd appreciate donation to sponsor a server for me :)

Added batch upload Sept 6, 2008:


Below are some of my favorite songs in Glittering Days. Do bookmark this post if you're interested as I'll keep updating 'new' songs (technically, they are oldies re-sung by modern cast) or performance that capture my fancy.

Note: Savefile was down a while ago, so please be patient and try download again later.

1. 像霧又像花 (Like Mist, Like Flower) by Roger and Charmaine

Download the video clip here here.

Actually, this ending theme was sung by Charmaine Sheh and Wong Cho Lam. Wong Cho Lam is Roger's singing substitute in GD and you can see his name in the ending credits. He did a great job both in singing and mimicking Roger's voice.

Download mp3 version here:
Duet version (50 secs)
Charmaine single version (43 secs)

唏嚦嚦 我的心裡亂如麻
Shu li li My heart is feeling chaotic
花啦啦 好像窗外雨兒下
Hua la la Like the raindrops outside the window
呼嚕嚕 又好像風兒吹窗紗
Hu lu lu It's also like the wind blowing the curtains
啊 莎啦啦 原來為了想念他
Ah sha la la Simply because of missing him
唏嚦嚦 風兒沒吹雨沒下
Shu li li The wind doesn't blow, it's not raining
花啦啦 推開紗窗望一下
Hua la la Looking outside the window screen
呼嚕嚕 望見了天邊月兒掛
Hu lu lu Seeing the moon in the skies
莎啦啦 我在月下想念他
Sha la la I'm missing him under the moon
啊 愛情像霧又像花
Ah... Love is like mist, like flower
啊 霧非霧呀花非花
Ah... Not quite like mist, not quite like flower
唏嚦嚦 花啦啦 呼嚕嚕 莎啦啦
Shu li li Hua la la Hu lu lu Sha la la
唏嚦嚦 月兒不要笑我傻
Shu li li Hope the moon won't laugh at my foolishness
花啦啦 痴情人兒是傻瓜
Hua la la The lovesick are fools
呼嚕嚕 拜託那月兒帶句話
Hu lu lu Asking the moon to pass a message
莎啦啦 在我心裡祇有他
Sha la la That he/she is in my heart

**This song talk about lovers-to-be missing one another. This song is quite popular back then and I love the tune, very catchy.

2. 往事只能回味 (Past is only for Reminiscence) by Charmaine

Download video clip here

Download the mp3 (**updated Full version) Link 1 or Link 2

Time once passes won't turn back
The past are only for reminiscence
Recalling our friendship in childhood days
Without any doubts, together always
The wind blew against the flower petals (time passed)
You've grown up
Your heart are changing like the time that can't turn back
I can only walk arm in arm with you in dreams

**This song is tell about a girl in love with her childhood friend. However, after they grew up he forget her and fell for someone else. This song was made famous by Yau Nga (whom Charmaine is losely based on)... the song is very soft, with a tinge of sadness.

3. 尋夢園 (Dream Searching Garden) by Roger Kwok

Download mp3 here (**clear version)


4. 哥仔靚 (Pretty Boy) by Liza Wang

Download mp3 here


5. 白雲天 (White Cloudy Sky) by Roger Kwok

Download the mp3 here (full version)
**Added Jan 7th, 2007: Roger & Liza's duet version

Hello My Baby
想起 溫柔夢裡的臉
離別的一天 那一年
因為愛 堅持等待
盼未來 命運領你回來
花開遍 甜夢綿綿
Hello My Baby
Hello 看見夢裡的臉
五月白雲天 帶笑的再相見

6. 我的心裡沒有他 (She is not in my heart) by Roger Kwok
Image Hosted by

Download the mp3 here (full version)

Added Dec 3rd: Charmaine's version **Download

自從那日送走你 回了家 那一天
只怪我 當時沒有把你留下

Note: All Roger's song are sung by Wong Cho Lam.

7. Circle Game by Sharon Chan

Download the video clip here.

Download the mp3 here

Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star
And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

8. 卡門 (Carmen) by Charmaine Sheh

Download the video clip here.

The song in the above clip is NOT sung by Charmaine. I don't know who she is, but she can kiss her singing career goodbye. Even amateur singer like Charmaine sang wayyyyyy better than her. Below is a ripped mp3 of Charmaine singing 'Carmen' at TVB 39th Anniversary Lighting ceremony, you can compare and judge it for yourself:

**Download (Charmaine's version)

Added Dec 10th: Liza Wang, Suzanne Kwan & Fong Kay Yee version

什麼叫情 什麼叫意
什麼叫痴 什麼叫迷
你要是愛上了他 你就自己找霉氣
他要是愛上了你 你就死在他手裡

9. 淚的小雨 (Teary raindrops) by Charmaine Sheh & Joel Chan

Download the video clip here.

淚的小雨 Version 2

Download the video clip here

Download the mp3 Link 1 or Link 2. *updated clearer version Dec 10th

分不出是淚是雨 淚和雨憶起了你
Cannot distinguish if this is tears or rain
Tears and rain remind me of you
憶起你雨中分離 淚珠兒灑滿地
Remind of our separation in the rain
Teardrops falling to the ground

哭泣 你哭泣為了分離
Crying~ You are crying because of separation
分離 分離後再相見不易
Separating~ Hard meeting again after separation
I've once hid your love deep in my heart
Ah... Deep in my heart
It's like hiding the memories

我喜歡綿綿細雨 細雨裡憶起了你
I like the soft rain drizzle
The drizzle remind me of you

憶起你在我懷裡 淚珠兒灑滿地
Remind me of you in my embrace
Teardrops falling to the ground

哭泣 你哭泣為了分離
Crying~ You are crying because of separation
分離 分離後再相見不易
Separating~ Hard meeting again after separation
I've once hid your shadow deep in my dreams
Ah... Deep in my dreams
It's like hiding the memories

10. 東方之珠 (Pearl of Orient) mandarin version

Download the mp3 here

東方之珠 是追求願望的明珠
是快樂的夢 讓你全力的追
萬燈不滅 千杯不醉
悲歡和離合 緣了緣還聚
I love this Pearl 愛她美麗的光和亮
是甜蜜的夢 終讓有情人成眷侶
擁抱你臂膀 牽著我的手
月在笑 快樂的節奏 動人的時候
噢噢 溫柔的感受 蕩漾的潮流
前事不回首 往前走
來來去去的 離離合合的
東方之珠 實現你願望的明珠
是你我的愛 讓每個人醉在夢裡
不管風和雨 牽著我的手

Added January 7th, 2007:

11. 只要為你活一天 (Only to live a day for you) by Suzanna Kwan

Download the mp3 here. This song is so touching and receive my vote as the best song in this series. I get teary eyed every time I rewatched the scene above.

只要為你活一天 這是我心願
只要為你活一天 這是我心願
別再讓我心傷感 明知割不斷
只要為你活一天 這是我心願
只要為你活一天 這是我心願
有多少愛的懷念 藏在我心坎

12. More than I Can Say by Lai Lok Yi

Oh oh yeah yeah
I love you more than I can say
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Oh love you more than I can say
Oh oh yeah yeah
I miss you every single day
Why must my life be filled with sorrow
Oh love you more than I can say
Don't you know I need you so
Tell me please I gotta know
Do you mean to make me cry
Am I just another guy?
Oh oh yeah yeah
I love you more than I can say
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Oh love you more than I can say

James and Carol's playlist: (ripped mp3)
More than I Can Say by James
Bye bye Love by James
One Way Ticket by James
The End of the World by Carol

13. 才子佳人 (Beauty and the Rich) by Roger Kwok

Comedic songs by Wong Cho Lam:
1. 才子佳人 (Beauty and the Rich)
2. 噢!我哋個打令 (Oh! Our Darling)

14. 全香港靚女多 (HK full of Pretty Girls) by Mimi and Onn

Download the mp3 here.

15. 遙遙的祝勉 (Silent wishes) by Roger and Charmaine

Download the mp3 here.

今 始沒有
盼 了解我
送上衷心的祝告 只想你好
遙遙傾關注 雙雙互勉
盼有一天 終於手兩牽

Note: If you have problem viewing the last few clips, try to view it directly from tudou by clicking on the body of the clip instead of 'play' button. Please clear your pc cache first, though.

For those who have missed the themevideo, you can watch it here.


Anonymous said...

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sehseh said...

It works

Anonymous said...

Do u have the song sang by Lai Lok YI?

Anonymous said...

I love all the songs in the series.

Is there an OST or I mean will TVB ever released OST for 'Glittering Days' songs?

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thank you for the songs!!

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Hi... do you have the song 梅兰梅兰我爱你?

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Edward said...

you done a great job, if you get Moscow Nights , it would be perfect!!!

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Many thanks.


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Bee said...

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sehseh said...

Bee, all the files can be played on regular Windows Media Player. I only have two formats for my clips:

Video: .wmv format
Audio: .mp3 format

It's an universal format, so you shouldn't have any problem playing in other media player :)

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where can i find the song "the end of the world" that sharon sang in ep 28? thanks!

sehseh said...

I do have the ripped mp3, but due to the slow internet connection, I might have some problem uploading it. I will try to upload it this weekend.

Kidd said...

Funn. Did u rip the song Susanna sang in episode 27? The one where she sang in the recording room while her son play the guitar.

The lyrics is like this.



Kidd said...

Sorry sehseh. Call u wrongly. :P

sehseh said...

Added the songs you guys/gals requested. Enjoy!

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sehseh said...

Link corrected.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You're right about the song sung by Suzanna. It was extremely touching. While watching the drama, i purposely skipped episode 27 because of knowing what will happen to a certain character in the drama. So I've never actually heard her sing that song. But now watching the clip, i instantly began to get teary eyed. Thanks for the uploads :)

Anonymous said...

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Can you please email me the full version of Silent Wishes, White Cloudy Sky and Like Mist, Like Flower. Thanks Sehseh!

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Can you/anyone who has downloaded the song help?

mynameiscv said...

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Susan Tu said...

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Email add:

Thanks alot! :D

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Carmen said...

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Carmen said...

Sehseh, nearly all of the songs that are English don't work, can you have a look please?

Carmen said...

Please can you send all the songs by Carol and James to my e-mail? Great if you can.

My e-mail:

Jenny said...

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sehseh said...

It'll take me a lot of time to keep re-uploading the clips at regular basis. Email me which clips you need and I'll fwd them to you.

Jenny said...

Ok thanks. My email is

I would like:
- Like Mist, Like Flower: Duet and Charmaine versions
- Past Is Only For Reminiscence
- Dream Searching Garden
- Pretty Boy
- White Cloudy Sky: Duet version
- She Is Not In My Heart: Charmaine version
- Carmen: Golden Flowers version
- Teary Raindrops
- Only To Live A Day For You

I'm sorry to ask for so many songs. I really wouldn't ask if I could find them elsewhere but I've tried searching and have found nothing.

I only watched the show recently when I borrowed it from a friend and my mum liked the songs so much that I'm trying to compile a CD of them to give to her for her birthday next week.

Thank you so much for your help.

zenghoong said...

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i would like it if u send me "hk got many pretty girls" and "oh carol" and "pearl of the orient(3goldenflowers)"

thanks appreciate it!

Shoot for the moon... even if you miss... you will land amoung the stars.. said...

hey there!
i'm so glad to be able to download all these songs!!
but there are still some i couldnt download!
so could you pls send me
-像霧又像花 (Like Mist, Like Flower)
charmaine single version

-白雲天 (White Cloudy Sky) sang by Roger & Liza's duet version

- 我的心裡沒有他 (She is not in my heart, charmaine version

-只要為你活一天 (Only to live a day for you)

-carmen sang by Liza Wang, Suzanne Kwan & Fong Kay Yee version

-More than I Can Say by James
Bye bye Love by James
One Way Ticket by James
Oh Carol by James
The End of the World by Carol

1. 才子佳人 (Beauty and the Rich)
2. 噢!我哋個打令 (Oh! Our Darling)

-全香港靚女多 (HK full of Pretty Girls) by Mimi and Onn


and by any chance do you have the canton verion of 東方之珠?

could you send all these song to me at
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im going to buy this when i save enough money!
thanx in advance!

yt said...

hi sehseh! i hope you can reload some of the songs as their date limit is over! =( pleasepleaseplease...

i'm a mega charmaine sheh and oldies fan!

jammyjolyn said...

- Like Mist, Like Flower: Duet and Charmaine versions
- Past Is Only For Reminiscence
- Dream Searching Garden
- Pretty Boy
- White Cloudy Sky: Duet version
- She Is Not In My Heart: both Charmaine and Roger versions
- Carmen: Golden Flowers and Charmaine's version
- Teary Raindrops full version


Candy said...

Hi. I just need to know if you have the song by susanna's son ? the guitar boy. the choo choo train song. dun know the title.

sehseh said...

The links expired because it was more than one year - 2006.
If anyone wanted any of the clips, email me at

I'm busy recently but I will try to upload and email you all when I have the time.

flowers & leaves said...

hi sehseh, i wana thank you so much for your effort, time and "xin si" to upload the whole collection of songs for this superb drama. i downloaded "white cloudy sky", "circle game" and intending to download "the end of the world" too, these songs are really awesome. :)

i also wana give a gentle reminder to some of us: pls do not take these for granted and demand from sehseh or question why she's not uploading them. sehseh has absolutely no duty to do all these; she did these out of her own kindness which is going the extra mile for us already. :)

cheers to you sehseh!

sehseh said...

Thanks flowers & leaves for your comments.
I'm recently busy with Charmaine coming to Msia and my staff leaving etc, and I will be taking a temp hiatus in Chinese New Year. I will try to re-upload the songs after that. To ensure that the songs you all wanted will reach you, kindly drop me an email at

Note: As mentioned earlier, the series is in 2006 while the dl links will expire within 30 days of inactivity. Therefore, I can't keep uploading all the songs continuosly due to time constraint and copyright issues. Hope you all will understand.

Eng Sing said...

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do i know the song title for the song in episode 29 where Roger Kwok dances around like Charlie Chaplin and the lyrics has alot of "hor hor ha ha" in it?

sam said...

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Animegirlx1 said...

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sehseh said...

Patience, people. I've lost (or misplaced) my clips - but don't panic, help is on the way because luckily fongie4 kept a copy. I already got the clips and will re-upload within this week.

Hold on there!

sehseh said...

Here you go. Grab 'em before they expire!

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Can i please have the clip for Only to live a day for you by Suzanna Kwan and White cloudy Sky? please send it to my email address:

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Emily said...
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^-^;;; well to ask again, if you have the full version of "Circle game" and "End of the world" and "More than I can say" ... I would be extremely happy if you could e-mail those to me~ I have everything else but the OST that I have does not provide those ones =(

THANKS!!!! my e-mail is

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[The Princess] said...

Is it possible to request for Roger & Liza's duet version of 'White Cloudy Sky'? I've tried searching (and downloading) from lots of other sources, but they either don't have the version or it has expired :(

Please email to

sehseh said...

Due to popular demand, I have re-uploaded the songs into sharebig in March. Please download the clips while they are valid because I can't really keep re-uploading them from time to time. Otherwise, I'd appreciate donation to sponsor a server for me :)

If you can't open the link, it may be due to your browser. It should work better with Firefox compared to IE.

sehseh said...

Batch upload added (also slightly improved the quality)

HappyDay said...

sehseh hello nice to meet you and thanks for updating alot of song can u send this song 遙遙的祝勉,More than I Can Say,The End of the World,Bye bye Love and lastly one way ticket THANKS LOVE YOU >.< send it to

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Many thanks! :)

- Ryan (

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pls send it to


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