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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Glittering Days themevideo

Download the clip here.


Last night, I finally got hands on Glittering Days episode 1-2. Not bad, at least the characters doesn't talk funny and no exaggeration, except when they're performing onstage, of course. The series has a long of singing (think Liza mentioned that there was more than 40 songs, sung more than 100 times in total throughout the series) - it made the series more enjoyable. The official site even kept a songbook log of every song per series.

I really like Roger/Ling Fung's singing (or rather, Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍 who is Roger's voice substitute *thanks crunchster for the info). At first the style appeared to be a little odd, but the performances will grow on you. Feels like hearing a singer in the 60's. Liza Wang is good though I think she exaggerated a little sometimes. We can catch a brief glimpse of Charmaine near the end of episode 2, with a little parody of Ah Wong (Roger's infamous role). By the way, Halina Tam look so anorexic, I'm practically staring at skeletons. Shivers~

I will upload the Roger singing scenes this weekend. However, my first priority is definitely TVB anniversary award which is going to take place this Friday, November 10. Think I'd be glued to the computer screen that night.

New! Charmaine interview on Ebuzz

Synopsis translated by MetalAZNWarrior:

The lively song king, the former song queen
Singing a grand tune, listen to life's sweetness, sorrows, and pain

The prominent singer of the time, Sau Ling Fung (Roger Kwok Jun On), is exposed by a reporter for lying about being the leader of a singing troupe and the student of former renowned Shanghai singing starlet, Kam Yin (Liza Wang Ming Chuen). Yin is just about to bring her long lost son from the village to Hong Kong. Thereupon, she uses this chance to blackmail Fung.

Fung uses a harmful plot to lead Yin to take the speech impediment Chu Yuk Lan (Charmaine Sheh Si Man) as a student. On one hand, he hopes to cause Yin to make a fool of herself. On the other hand, he also plans to use this chance to do away with Lan. Who could imagine that Laan becomes popular!

Lan's path to stardom is glorious. Someone informs the police with indications that Fung is a swindler of love and money. The chief investigator chases this case until the death and because of this, Fung can no longer continue working in the musical world. At this time, Fung accidentally finds out that the person who informed the reporter was Yin!

p.s. I have edited Charmaine's character name for easier read.

Glittering Days official site
Trailers and download
Special performance at TVB Lighting Ceremony

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I have a few question. I hope someone could help me with it.

I am looking for certain song in the series of "Glittering Days'

I knew that some of the songs has been provided with a link for download. However, it was a clip from the movie. I wish to hear the whole song. Um sorta like a complete of the songs.

I saw the official website about the songbook log for the series. I like it but I am unable to read the chinise word lol

Thanks in advance

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