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Sunday, October 15, 2006

TVB 39th Anniversary lighting ceremony download

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1. Pearl of Orient performance only: Download

2. The whole show (206mb): BitTorrent link

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Charmaine Sheh nominated for two series [Dance of Passion] and [Maiden's Vow], competing with other actresses for Best Actress award.

[Apple Daily]

Charmaine Sheh fighting Myolie Wu with two series.

This year TVB Anniversary Best Actress hot favorite; Charmaine Sheh will be presenting her new series [Pearl of Orient] next month as a stuttering village girl. This is a good opportunity to maintain her popularity after DOP and MV, and also compete against Myolie Wu is [Lush Field Happy Times], who is also another favorite candidate. Asked whether she wished to win the award, Charmaine said: "If I said I don't wish to, I'll be lying to you."

After entering showbiz for 9 years, Charmaine has filmed countless series. However, she have no fate with TVB Best Actress award. This year she again nominated for DOP and MV, competing for the award with other actresses.

Award is just an encouragement

Apart from Charmaine being this year hot favorite, there is Myolie Wu who has joined the industry for 7 years and gained weight for [Lush Field Happy Times], and also Sheren Tang for her role in [Le Femme Desperado]. Because the latter is not TVB contracted artiste, the chances of her winning is quite slim. In addition, with Charmaine and Myolie series being aired during anniversary period, it is clear that the competition is down to Charmaine versus Myolie.

Mentioning about winning the award, Charmaine said on the phone yesterday: "If I said I don't wish to, I'll be lying to you. However, people wish for a lot of things. But can you always get the things you wished? No. When people enjoy watching my series and the ratings is good, I will be happy enough. Receiving award is happy too, but I really enjoy the process of filming. I joined TVB because I like filming series, not because to win award. Getting an award is just an encouragement, a bonus."

Myolie Wu popularity is also peaking, with her fat girl fighting against stigma series LFHT receiving high expectation. However, Charmaine's role on PO is unique too. Portraying a stuttering village girl who work hard to improve herself and finally becoming a famous singer, though not nominated for this year's anniversary, it was sufficient to increase and maintain her popularity.

Biting on her tongue

Charmaine laughed that she often accidentally bitten her tongue while filming. "I don't stutter in real life. Actually the character is quite adorable, she is a silly girl. When filming it require some technique, and I've bitten my tongue several times." Charmaine was also asked to comment on fellow rivals Myolie and Sheren. She said: "The competition is always strong in every year. I was busy filming when LFD was aired, so I did not watched. However I believe that it was a good series since the ratings is so high. LFHT is not aired yet, so I can't comment."

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Sehseh: Actually PO won't help much on the award voting since voting ended before its airing and audiences will only get to watch like 4 episodes till the award presentation. Though Myolie's vote is lagging behind, I have no doubt that the votes will be increased as her series will be shown two weeks before the award ceremony.

Fans, if you have no voted yet, please show your support to Charmaine and vote NOW!


Funn Lim said...

She sounds like Vicky Zhao when Vicky Zhao first started singing!

Funn Lim said...

Aiyah I posted this then gone!

Anyway I said Charmaine will win the award because she has been the bridesmaid for far too long. Moreover too soon for Myolie.

Anonymous said...

do you think you could update the BT link for the lighting ceremony? please....thanx so much! :] happy holidays! ^_^

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