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Monday, November 13, 2006

Charmaine doesn't want to marry Benny Chan

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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 13/11/06]

Kevin Cheng Reacts to the Criticisms of Award Fixing

TVB Best Actor and Best Actress Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh appeared on the Anniversary special episode of "Deal or No Deal" yesterday together with Vinci Wong, Raymond Cho and Law Koon Lan, and they both spoke about the negative press that has followed their success. Kevin has been criticised as undeserving by over 80% of internet comments, who say his acting experience is still young and mediocre and the awards were fixed. As for Charmaine, the critics have said that she only won because Sheren Tang, who has far superior acting ability, did not sign for TVB.

In response to the comments about fixing, Kevin replies graciously: "At every awards ceremony, there will be those that agree and those who hold a different point of view. We should respect each of them and I will accept all well-meaning criticism. I am fortunate that these people are prepared to give me feedback and I am happy to have won an award. I now feel more pressure to push myself even harder and think about where I can improve even more." Asked if he thinks this award has come a little prematurely, he just says: "I respect the decision made by the company and the organisers. (Do you think this has been a good thing or a bad thing?) It is after all good luck and good fortune. People's roads are never always smooth, but you don't give up when you are down and cannot not proud when you are high. I will not boast if I win, nor complain when I lose. This year I will work even harder than last year."

When Charmaine heard about the doubts hovering over Kevin's award, she said empathetically: "There will be a lot of positive and negative press, but the result has been decided and people should accept this graciously, these things are subjective and everyone has their own opinions. (There have been suggestions that Sheren didn't win because she didn't sign to TVB?) This has nothing to do with it! I cannot control who wins, on the day of the ceremony, I was sitting there as frightened as nervous as everyone else." Also there have been reports that when Charmaine left the official celebration party early to attend her own private party in Causeway Bay, none of her friends from the industry attended and she has been dubbed as 'winning the award, but losing on friendship'. She replies quietly: "After the TVB party, it was already 3am and I nearly didn't make it to the Causeway Bay party. After being busy all day, the other girls all wanted to go home and rest and some had to go to work the next day."

Asked if good friend Benny Chan attended to congratulate her, she says: "It was too late, a lot of friends had to go to work the next day. (Has Benny called you with congratulations?) Yes." Charmaine was then asked whether the chances of her renewing her contract with TVB had increased after winning this award. She smiles: "I have already said there is still two years to run on my contract, maybe in two years time I will get married? No-one can know what will happen in the next two years. (Will you be marrying Benny Chan?) There are a lot of men in Hong Kong, but if I do get married, I will let everyone know."

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Past news will be up soon. I have also added download link for Glittering Days themevideo.

Charmaine was featured on a cover for a beauty magazine and she look GORGEOUS with a capital G. I will post the mag scans later. Here's a sneak preview:

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