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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pepsi's Circus of Popstars

Can you recognize them?

Pepsi has revealed their new advertisement theme, which is circus. Can you spot your favorite star above? From left: Jerry Yan (F4), Nic Tse, Jay Chou, Edison Chen, Rain (Bi), Jolin Tsai & Louis Koo.

*Updated* The complete poster has just been revealed in the official site, but I took the pic above from Sexy Bi. Haha... even the fan sites were more 'updated' than the official site huh?

Nic Tse as the Beast Tamer:

I like his gold costume. I haven't seen Rain or Louis version yet but Nic costume is quite unique and shows the right amount of flesh. You can't be baring your muscles to tigers/lions while training them, right? Unless you want to tell them it's lunch time.

Jerry Yan as the Acrobat:

Quiet frankly, I don't like his pic above but I do like the one where he rested on the hanging plank (or whatever you call them). Very lazy look but still intriguing, you know what I mean?

Jay Chou as the Magician:

I believe Jay was one of Pepsi prized star. But why does everyone else got at least two pics while he have to share with Jerry? Neutral about his costume and poses.

Edison Chen as the Clown:

The clown huh? Yeah, I'm laughing at his costume. Weird skirt + tight stocking combo. The blue body paint is innovative and stole the limelight though.

Jolin Tsai as the Flying Trapeze:

It's a plane! It's a bird! No, it's Jolin Tsai! The bird costume might be fitting for a flying trapeze but I prefer a more sparkly, sexy outfit. The heavy bird costume make her look a bit short.

The Big Mystery: Rain & Louis

So far, Pepsi has yet to released official pics for them, nor do they mention what role they will play. However, the site did mention that Rain and Louis will be having sexy image in the pics. Look at those abs!

One funny thing, I was browsing through Sexy Bi and there were people asking "Who's that tanned guy?" They were referring to Louis, which is actually a compliment in disguise, because they notice his sexy abs! Lol...

Can anyone guess what role they will be playing?

*Revealed: Sexy Pics of Rain & Louis!

Hehe... very happy to see the newly released pics today. Rain & Louis look absolutely yummy! And Jayne is right, their role belongs in the acrobat group!

Rain as the Knife Thrower:

Rain was voted Celebrity with Perfect Body, therefore Pepsi decide to put his 42 inch chest to good use. His costume is okay, but I don't know whether I can count his mini vest as clothes, since the tiny vest barely covered anything :P Rain was allergic to the metal body paint, but he persuaded his management company to let Pepsi go ahead with it.

Louis Koo as the Flame Thrower / Fire Eater:

I like him costume. I think it manage to show off Louis nice physique. Because he was the last person for the photo shot, he was shocked when he realized how low waist his pants was. Some of his pics were too sexy, so they decided not to publish them! Lol...

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