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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gods Rising from the East

Pic courtesy of The Sun.

Last week, my sis told me that she got free tickets and asked if I'm interested to go to their concert at Stadium Putra. With nothing better to do, I agreed. Before this, I don't know much about their existance and so I went to the concert not knowing how to spell TVfXQ correctly nor how many person the boyband is made up of.

I later found of that they are called Dong Bang Shin Ki (translated as "Gods Rising from the East"). The members are Hero, U-Know, Micky, Xiah, and Max. Err... I guess weird names are 'cool' for teenagers...

When we reached the stadium, we were greeted by hordes of screaming teenage fans. Later, I found out the boyband has just arrived, hence the excitement. We got ourselves seated and subjected our eardrums to the high pitched fans screaming every single time the boys' faces flashed onscreen. Pretty embarassing to get reminded by my sis of my own boyband fandom days - I use to be very obsessed with a 'particular asian boyband', but I'm not telling who and those who tell won't get to see the next daylight *murderous*

Moving on. The concert was scheduled to start at 8.00pm. My dear fellow Malaysian, when the time say start at 8.00pm, for God's sake, arrive BEFORE 8.00!!! Why must have this ugly habit for being late for every freaking event/occasion! If you're getting married in Malaysia, please state in your invitation card that dinner starts at 6.00 or earlier. Otherwise your banquet won't get started before 8.30. Trust me.

The concert started at 8.45pm. The concert started with a bang with the group descending from the sky. Though I have no idea what they're singing, they do have a good voice and some of them look so pretty, they're prettier than most girls I met! One of them, Max is a dead ringer for F4's Jerry Yan.

Though I admit some segments was a little boring, but I can't help but get impressed by the high tech stage design. I later found out that the stage alone cost RM500,000 (USD135,000) to build - it was the most expensive concert in Malaysian history. Here comes the next shocker: The concert only used half of the Stadium Putra. So liitle space, so much money spent.

They performed a good mix of fast and slow tracks. At one point, they stood on a small round platfrom which rose more nearly 2 storey high. I can't imagine standing still like they do without having a heart attack. Changing the lamp bulb of my ceiling already made me giddy, let alone standing on a platform a little wider than my hips, at that height! Everytime I notice their platforms wobble, I felt a little faint.

The guest performers are Super Junior, a 13 member boyband. I can foresee their future like HK's Cookies, which means half of them probably won't make it. I'm not saying they're not talented, they are but the cut throat entertainment industry is already laden with similar cookie cutter 'talent', making it hard to stand out among the crowd. Which make me a little sad because all of them have hope and stars in their eyes.

One thing I admire about Korean singer - they dance really, really well. They're so energetic and move to every beat precisely. They dance like Duracell Rabbit running on supercharged cells. I can't think of any asian counterpart (HK, Taiwan, Japan, China etc) who dances like them, except for Aaron Kwok. Seeing them dance made me thirst for Rain's Asia Tour. Hopefully, we can get to see him in action here by the end of 2006.

The concert ended around 11.00pm. Overall, it was an enjoyable concert.

Added: Clip of the concert

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to get to see DBSK!!! I love them especially MICKY!!!

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