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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Conquest clips 3

Xi Shi dancing for Fu Chai

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Xi Shi performing for Fu Chai. To make his point clear to Wu Zi Xu, he throws a dagger toward Xi Shi.

Xi Shi has fallen ill

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Shocked by Fu Chai's threat, Xi Shi has fallen ill. Fan Li sneaked into the palace to see her.

Jealous Queen

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Jealous of Xi Shi, Queen Mei Ci throws a tantrum and threatened to kill her. Fu Chai was furious and almost stripped her status.


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The scene above clearly highlighted Fu Chai and Crown Prince You differences. Infuriated, Fu Chai ordered that all rabbits within the vicinity of Wu Palace will be slaughtered.

Note: For the downloaded clips, choose left for Cantonese and right for Mandarin.

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