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Monday, July 31, 2006


Feeling bored, I was going through Charmaine's pics yesterday and I noticed that she loves to wear boots. I start fishing out some pics for fun and I found out that she have at least 20 pairs of them. The last count I made in my own shoe cabinet, I only have 3 pairs (I can tell you that the climate here is not suitable to wear boots).

From the count, Charmaine had most of them in white. They may appear similar, but at closer look you will notice that the design, material and length are different. Some of them are her favourites, she worn them on several occassion.

p.s. Starting from [Life Begins At Forty], Charmaine wears boots regularly in her modern series.


Charmaine's favorite should be the 6th pair (with brown heels). She've worn them on many occassion. My favorite is the 7th pair. The kitty heels are so sassy, yet feminine at the same time.



Love the 2nd pair. She have another ankle length in lighter color - she worn them in AOM, but I can't find pics of it.


Blue & Green:

She doesn't wear them too often, especially the green pair. I think she bought it to match her skirt.

So... which is your favorite pair? If you manage to spot more different boots, join in the fun!


shehster said...

i like those she wore in Angels 3D :D

Anonymous said...

i think the white boots she wore in Yummy Yummy might be her own... =-)

sehseh said...

Anonymous, all the boots above are hers. She worn them more than once, at different occasion, different timeline (some years) so I'm sure.

jenny said...

sehseh my fav. were the ones she wore in QQ live chat she did with ray.They were nice.

Fashion said...

Nice photos....I usually wear nike shoes....if i get chance i'd prefer wearing those red boots....look great!

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