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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Angels Of Mission 3D

Angels of Mission, or AOM will be aired on TV3, 6.00pm on weekdays starting from August 2nd, 2006. For Malaysian fans who are suffering from 'Charmaine drought', this series came at the right time because Charmaine character kick asses in here :)

Download clip here.


Sam (Sonija), Fa (Charmaine) and Bowie (Shirley) are members of the CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) of the Hong Kong Police Force. Though they are very different in nature, they are able to work together closely to fight terrorism.

Sam is the chief inspector of the unit. Decisive and serious, she keeps her personal life to herself. Fa is the hot-tempered cop who is enthusiastic about her work and is a martial arts expert. Fresh out of cadet school, Bowie is a talented sharpshooter. However, she lacks ambition and doesn't take her work too seriously.

There are four cases in this series: Bomb Threats, Missile Attack, Anthrax Scare and Political Assassination, which are interconnected with sub-stories about the three leading ladies' personal lives.

Official site:

A little preview of Charmaine's character; Ah Fa:

Fa: "Don't mess with me!"
Download clip

Some random pics:

Off Topic: The Conquest Clips

Here's a very belated update of some [The Conquest] clips:

1. Wu Fung got caught in a hunting trap. Later, Yue Nui accidentally stabbed him in the thigh. Lol...
2. King Chai birthday. King Chai threw a tantrum at feast after being humiliated by his son-in-law, Fu Chai.
3. Prince You leaving Wu kingdom.
4. Fu Chai want to build new palace for Xi Shi.
5. Princess Chen 1.
6. Princess Chen 2.
7.Prince You arguing with Fu Chai regarding the rabbit incident.
8. Princess Chen waiting for Fan Li to return. Sweet princess :)
9. Xi Shi provoked Wu Zi Xu and get slapped.


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