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Thursday, May 25, 2006

TVB to produce 140 episode series

Credits to baidu forum.

In celebration of HK 10th anniversary return to China, TVB will film two grand production series - A Tale Of Two Cities & The Changing Times later this year. The 60 episode [The Changing Times] will be produced by Poon Ka Tak (Le Femme Desperado) and revolves around the changes in HK after returning to China. TVB has invited Mainland TV station CCTV to co-produce it. Because of sentimental value and the opportunity to break into Mainland market, a lot of artiste have expressed interest in this series. Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Bosco Wong (ammended, sorry for the mistake!) are rumored to be casted. However, so far no cast list has been confirmed yet.

Update May 30: Michael Miu has confirmed to be in this series.

On the other hand, Chik Kei Yi (WAB, DOP) has confirmed to produce [A Tale Of Two Cities] with 80 episodes. It seems that TVB will be concentrating on this two production starting from mid 2006.

Sehseh: I think there are half truth and half rumor in regard of the casting. Charmaine did said she'll be filming a new series in June/July, which coincides with the new series above. However, I'm not sure which one she'll be in because due to TVB politics, Chik Kei Yi's will have the higher probability. In addition, I though Raymond was supposed to film new series in Taiwan with Tammy Chen? Since I have no access to cinple, can anyone confirm Ray's schedule with me?

I wish TVB will invite back some of our favourites actor/actress to film this series. How wonderful it would be if Louis, Gallen and Chilam could come back. Chances of Louis coming back is like 1% because his schedule are packed till end of 2007, while Chilam is preparing to be a daddy. Gallen might come back because he have good relationship with TVB and I think he still owe TVB around 10 episodes or so. Cameo role or guest starring; I don't care, just come back!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Sehseh. It'd be more than great if some of the old actors can come back and work on this series (for old times sake). Too bad Louis is booked until 2007... he's doing only movies now, no?

Also... i was wondering, what do you mean Chilam is preparing to be a daddy? Is he having a baby with Anita? Sorry i'm so no in tune with tvb news and gossip nowadays. ><


sehseh said...

Yes, Anita is pregnant. You can follow up the news at Jayne's site:

Anonymous said...

sehseh, I just want to let you know that Michael Miu said in an interview earlier that he will be participating in The Changing Times. Although he's not officially confirmed but he did say he'll shoot a series on changes in HK after returning to China, which is pretty similar to this 60 episodes grand production.

sehseh said...

Thanks for the reminder on Michael Miu! I almost forgot abt him. Yeah, he did said he'll be participating.

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