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Monday, April 10, 2006

Preview: LWOLAP Instrumental MV

Note: Please turn off the the song playing in the background of my site (it's at the lower right side of my sidebar) as it will interfere with the music of this MV.

*Updated April 11, 2006 - Yay, I have finally finish encoding the MV! I've added the download link below, so you guys/gals can start dl if you want :)


For those who have slower internet connection, try pausing the clip and wait until youtube finished loading the file.

Hehe.. I made this intrumental MV in two days. I like this one better than my 1st MV, even though it took me two weeks! Anyway, I'm having problem with encoding because when I tried to play it, certain parts of the MV keep freezing (arghh)! Odd enough, youtube seems to be less strict and the 'froze' parts appeared in boxes.

Download the MV here.

I hope you all enjoyed the MV and feel free to comment!

p.s. In case anyone's curious, the music was from "Scent of Love" ost.


Anonymous said...

Qingwa said...

I already watched your second MV.
Your skill is getting better and better. I like the music too.
This time I'm more understand the story line of your MV.
The movement of the pics go well with the rhythmic music.
Please keep creating the MV . :D

Helen said...

Oh I love the sweet. But, I don't really like the music. It is kinda sad to me and I don't really like the melody. other than that, your skills are getting better and better! Way to go!

sehseh said...

Yes, this is a very sad song; the flute instrumental is very sorrowful, I cried the first few times listening to it (while I'm alone and opened my baby (speakers) to max. Ah.. like orchestra in bamboo forest)

sehseh said...

Anyway, I've finished with the encoding but it's taking so long to upload, been waiting for more than 1 hour liao!

Grrrr... If I could not upload tonight, maybe tomorrow or the day after!

p.s. Look out for DOP updates tomorrow!

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