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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rain to release chinese album end of 2006

Article from biwithrain//, translation credit to Rayndrop.

Official booklet scans of RainyDay New York, credit to RAIN USA & Cecilia from

Feb 2006, Rain is holding his Rainy Day Concert Tour in New York. In the exclusive interview with us a day before his concert, he revealed his plan to return to Hong Kong in November to hold his concert. In addition, he will be releasing a Chinese album at the end of the year in appreciation of his Chinese fans in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Having concluded his promotional activities in Japan, Rain will be flying to New York for his concert.

During our exclusive interview, we asked him what he would like to say to his Chinese fans. Immediately, he responded in fluent Mandarin, "thank you!". He also expressed his concern about how the American Chinese will respond to him. Having heard that he was virtually in the Chinese papers everyday, a sweet smile appeared on his face. He said that he loves his fans in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan the most, and that he would very much like to spend some time touring these places if he has the time. Adding on to this, Rain revealed that he will be releasing his Chinese album at the end of the year to thank his Chinese fans for their love and support.

Chinese Commercial Jingle in the Making

Last year, Rain attracted 40,000 fans to his Beijing concert, and tickets to his Hong Kong Concert were sold out half an hour within sales launch. He certainly broke many records! Rain smiled and said that he likes his fans in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong very much, and that these fans are very affectionate. He announced his intention to hold another concert in Hong Kong during November. Prior to that, his Chinese commercial jingle will be released in end-February, and he will release his debut Chinese album at the end of this year to thank his Chinese fans for their support.

Rain expressed that he has accepted a role in a movie by renowned director Park Chan-Wook, and he is looking forward to learning valuable acting experiences from Director Park. As for whether he hopes to get the Best Actor Award with this film, Rain laughed and said, "I haven’t thought about it. I just want to do my best and act my part well."

Girlfriend Must Like to Cook

We ask about the dream girl of this heart-throb. He answered bashfully, "I like girls who loves to cook." Of course, having a kind heart is also one of the important factors. Unfortunately, 24 hours a day is already insufficient for him. Even going for a Broadway show is a challenge for him. However, Rain says that when he has some time, he’ll like to tour around in China and understand more of the Chinese culture.

Adding Kungfu Elements in his Dance Routines

Before his performance, Rain met up with near-hundred of members from the press during his press conference. When asked about how he feels being the first Asian megastar to perform in New York, a smile appeared on his face, "I’ve anticipated for a long time. I’m very excited!" He also reminded reporters, "when you come for my concert, please buy a ticket!"

Rain appeared to be a little nervous when facing with the one hundred reporters, and he kept fidgeting with his fingers. He said in English, "I’m very excited! I hope to be the first Asian artiste to succeed in the US market. He is very happy to be able to perform in the Madison Square Garden, because most of his fans are in Asia. He will do his best." He added, "I really admire Michael Jackson. I’ve incorporated kungfu elements in my dance steps. I hope this will bring out more of the Asian culture effects."

Throughout the 30 minute session, Rain spoke mostly in English. His pronunciation was accurate, and his translator only assisted when answering slightly more complicated questions. Rain’s mentor and producer, JY Park expressed his confidence that Rain’s unique style of music, dance and singing will rock the US pop market. He is currently planning a collaboration between Rain and international star, Beyonce, in realizing this dream that music has no international barriers.

Last night I watched Rain's interview on ntv7, and he spoke entirely in english. Contrary to the article above, Rain was struggling with the pronounciation but at least it's not terrible like Zhang Ziyi's. Poor Rain, he was a little nervous and fidgety.

Can't wait to listen to Rain's chinese jingle for commercial.

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