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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Phoenix Quartet updates

Sammul blushes at mention of 'rape scenes'
Translated by by xbunnylicious at

Yesterday Sammul Chan, Sharon Tang, Sharon Luk and others attended a promotion function for the 78th Oscar Awards. Because Sammul had to film for 《鳳凰四重奏》, he arrived near the end of the function. He embarasingly 'covers' it up and says that he will especially pay attention to the Oscars because Ang Lee will have a chance to bring hoor to the Chinese.

Regarding the series, Sammul has two raping scenes with Charmaine Sheh and yesterday he had to film one of the 2 scenes. The scene was filmed for 4 hours and he said embarassingly, "It made me sweat. (Will you touch Charmaine's sensitive spots?) I need to tear off her clothes, it's impossible to not touch anything. But Charmaine was very nice, we've talked all about it before filming." Other than having intimate scenes with Charmaine, the producer also organized Sammul and Joe Ma to be homosexuals. Regarding this, Sammul said, "I'm not afraid, it's just work. The audience will have to accept it. Watch Brokeback Mountain, it's even more intense."

Here's some additional translation done by me. Please give due credit if re-posted.

From Takungpao article:
Sammul Chan disclosed that in new series "Phoenix Quartet", he will have two rape scenes with Charmaine Sheh, and he even have to tear off Charmaine's "tou dau" (ancient chinese underwear for the top). He already filmed one of the scene and he frankly admitted that it was an awkward experience. This is because he never played such a wild role before, in fact most of them (past roles) were 'good boy'.

Therefore, even before he reached the bed (in the scenes), his face was beet red and Charmaine couldn't help but asked why is he blushing. Mentioning this, Sammul smiled and said that Charmaine's ancient costume is very difficult to tear off. "So did you 'touched' Charmaine?" Sammul was a bit embarrased and replied: "There was some contact but it's unavoidable."

Sammul also laughed that in the modern part of Phoenix Quartet, he plays a homosexual role who have a crush on Joe Ma's character. Sammul has been in gay rumor before, weren't he afraid that the story was a little sensitive? Sammul laughes: "It won't, it's just work!"

From Wenweipo article:
Recently, Sammul was busy filming new series 《千謊百計》and《鳳凰四重奏》- Phoenix Quartet,in which in one storyline he play a brutish young master who preyed on his wife Charmaine Sheh. Till now, he had filmed one of the two "raping" scenes. Sammul smile (grimaced) that the moment he climbed on the bed, he was already sweating. Luckily Charmaine gave him some pointers on how to use camera angle. However, because he has to rip off her clothes, there are some accidental contact but Charmaine didn't blame him.

Sammul laughed and said the other 'scene' will take place where Charmaine help him to take his bath and he suddenly preyed on her. They haven't film this scene yet. -end-

Lol... Sammul is so adorable :) Honestly, can't imagine him as a homosexual, moreover a rapist! I guess he want to do more exciting roles before leaving TVB for the cash-y pastures of Mainland China.

Remember that I once posted some TVB mag scans of Phoenix Quartet? I did some brief translation below. Pics credit to

Charmaine Sheh The Tennis Champion.

Wong Zi Guan (Charmaine Sheh) is a student who secretly admires her teacher; Lee Gut Yeung (Joe Ma). However, she never expressed her feelings to him. However, when Zi Guan found out about Gut Yeung’s fiancée; Dou Suk Han (June Chan), she became extremely jealous: Why does he want such a plain girl to be his wife? Thus she vents her anger in the tennis court.

Round 1: Charmaine versus June
In order to please her fiancé Joe, who is a fan of tennis, June seek the help of tennis expert, Charmaine to teach her the game. However, Charmaine vents her jealousy on June through tennis.

Round 2: Charmaine versus Friends
Another day, Charmaine asked her best friends; Elaine Yiu and Chan Man Jing out to play tennis. The two of them encouraged her not to give up and pursue Joe.

Round 3: Charmaine versus Joe
One day, Charmaine and Joe go out to play tennis, making her very happy. However, due to a small misunderstanding, Charmaine thought Joe was purposely bullying her and so she vents her anger at him through tennis.

Charmaine Sheh: I don’t know how to play tennis.
Charmaine’s character in the series was a tennis champion, but in real life she does not know the game. “Actually, I don’t know how to play tennis, Joe is more familiar. Luckily Loh Tin Ci (who played a tennis player) taught me, he’s great at tennis and showed me various strikes, making the filming more realistic.”

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