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Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm back!!!

Happy Doggie Year!

Hope you all collect many red packets, don't worry, we still have time till Chap Goh Mei!

Talking about being back, I have some grudges to let out here. I was supposed to board MAS Airline flight back here on the 3rd February and imagine our shock when I check in and the clerk said "Sorry, but there's no information of you in this flight". With further probing, it appears that our tickets was mistakenly dated at 3rd January. Who the hell will book tickets back to KL before CNY?! Coincidentally, the lady at the check in counter was the same person who sold the tickets to my mother. Of course she insisted that it's entirely my mum's mistake for not checking the tickets. Well, 1. She is the one who keyed in wrong and 2. That date is so tiny and damn misleading!

"Well, you have no choice but to buy new tickets." Guess the price? A hefty RM526.00 per person. That means it's more than one thousand bucks for me and my sis.


First of all, we would not mind paying the extra RM200 per person to get the new tickets (our old tickets was bought at RM3++). BUT SHE INSISTED THAT WE SHOULD BUY NEW TICKETS. No refunds! Are you kidding?!

So, we went to Air Asia sales office upstairs and we manage to get tickets for RM410 each. Still, a much cheaper alternative. But do the calculation; not only we lost RM700 plus for the first tickets, we have to pay more than RM800 this time. A total loss of RM1500!

No wonder MAS airline is losing billions, with this type of terrible services. From now onwards, Air Asia will always be my first choice and dear fellow Malaysian, choose wisely. Imagine paying few hundred bucks more for a glass of lousy orange juice on MAS flight. Guess the mystery was half solved with the money channeled to buy paintings worth 1.55 million or the mighty expensive salary of RM7525 (per day, mind you!) for an expatriate senior manager.


Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, welcome to my dilemma!

The other week I was going to JB for one day work. My stupid agent mistakenly tore off I ticket at the back. My one is return ticket. The MAS personnel at check in counter said my one page was missing and I will have to report i lost and replace a new one abt RM80-00. Since company is paying I said ok. With my heavy luggage and walked to one floor down and with 12 counters BUT only 3 opened and effectively 2 servicing about 20 waiting numbers I counted my lucky star I was really early that day. Got to my number and the conversation went like this:-

Me : My one ticket is missing and i wish to replace it.

MAS Girl 1 : Ok

Me : I was told I need to pay only RM80 to replace lost ticket?

Mas Girl 1 consulted a rude looking MAS girl 2 and Mas girl 2 rudely said "No. You have to purchase a new ticket"

I asked "What? Why? Can't you consider it lost?"

Mas girl 2 :" No because it is issued by travel agent"

I asked "What's the difference?"

Mas girl 2 said "Not issued by us, cannot report as lost. You can go back to agent and replace it there since that missing ticket is there"

I of course by that time was damn angry said "My flight is in 2 hours. I am coming back from JB tomorrow. How am I supposed to go to the agent and get it replaced on such a short notice?"

She said "No, you have to go back to agent OR you buy a new ticket"

I asked "How much?" and she said "RM159" or something that region and she also said "New ticket price".

After calling my office and screaming at my accountant who in turn screamed at the travel agent who admitted the mistake (and I was like am I supposed to count every single page of my ticket? If they knw why only tell me now?) and will compensate. I swore never to use my credit card but had to use it.

MAS girl 1 who was polite asked "Which flight do you wish to book?"

And I looked at her like is she an idiot and said "My own place exactly the one I am paying twice the amount".

She of course printed it, all done and gone.

I asked myself if it was personal travel how would I react? Like your situation, I would have freaked out and demanded that they bloody check the computer again since I am sure you have the ref number.

You know the joke? Reissuing the ticket cost RM150 plus when MY NAME and MY IC and MY SEAT NUMBER is in her bloody computer. Can't she just reprint it and charge me like nominal fee?

It's not like car park ticket, once lost can't trace it. THIS is an airline ticket where we are obligated to give our details, book it, confirm it, check in, check out, blah blah blah and still they're operating like car park vendors.

I agree with you Sehseh, this is why MAS is losing money. It was such an awful experience and they were not helpful at all.

So effectively you paid almost RM1000 just to get home?

My heart cries out for you. Remember you are born in the year of the dog right? Can you feel the bad luck now?

Funn Lim said...

P/S: Airasia is no better. For one, 9 out of 10 flights are always more than 2 hours late. The problem is not the flights or flight attendants./ The problem is customer service.

sehseh said...

Funn, at least you got your refund! Who's going to pay me back 1000 bucks?! Damn that "Fan Tai Sui" bad luck of Doggie Year!

Air Asia are prone to delay but I must say it has started to improve nowadays (maybe 10-20 mins late) but you won't expect a business traveller to take Air Asian flight right? I mean, if it's work AND you are suppose to be on time, I guess the company wouldn't be as cheapskate and buy those RM9.99 tickets.

One word to MAS:

"Ni gam si gam yat gum gor fuk mo tai dou hai ng tak gah!"

(Your terrible services are unacceptable nowdays!)
Listen to Andy Lau!

Funn Lim said...

Yeah I got the refund from the travel agent. How come your situation can happen? No ref no? So strange...

sehseh said...

No refund because the MAS lady insisted it was all my mum's fault for not checking the date!

Let me explain, my mum specifically asked to book the tickets date February 3rd and because she bought tickets many time before from the this MAS lady, she trusted this lady and assumed that everything is fine (and have you seen the ticket? so small printing!).

When I ask my mum regarding the update of the 'refund', my mum sort of brush off the topic and I suspect that my mum did not want to make a big deal by complaining to the manager since she somehow 'knew' this lady and feel obliged not to make her lose her job.

But if it's me, I'll to "To Hell!"

Sigh~ though I'm not a good daughter, I do feel obliged to pay my folks back for the tickets so there, gone my money!

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