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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

LWOLAP radio interview - translation

Better late than never... :)

Okay, finally drag my butt to do the translation for the LWOLAP radio interview earlier this month. Due to poor reception (not my ears lah, it's the quality of the clip!) there will be some part missed out. Now, I have summarized the interview and omit the unnecessary part out. I know Nancy Sit is one of the DJ, but I have no idea who's the guy. Anyway, I'd just label them as 'DJ'.

The DJ mentioned that they have watched the trailers and the storyline seem complex. They asked Ray to introduce the series.

Ray: It's a story of "Destroying Ming, rebuilding Yuan".

DJ: Does that mean you're a Mongolian?

Ray; Yes, I am. "I'm a Mongolian" (in english). Lol...

At first I don't have that desire, as I lead a carefree life. Afterward, I went through a lot of pain and then I decide to rebuild Yuan. Ehh... Well Bosco is a Han, I'm a Mongolian, they're first friends, then ehhh... (Ray struggle to answer)

Sharon: Sorry, he's funny... (No, he's unwell).

DJ: Who is Rain Ceasing and Cloud Ruling?

Ray: I'm the one using Rain Ceasing Sword, while Bosco used Cloud Ruling Sabre.

DJ: Then you're enemies?

Ray: Kind of, there will be a lot of complex plots. Just watch and see.

DJ: How about your relationship with Charmaine?

Ray: Charmaine and I... ehh... at first I was cheated by Sonija, ermm but not really cheated, she - (interrupted by DJ)

DJ: Cheated? What did she cheat? You body or...?

Ray: Errr.... (laughs)

Everyone laughed in background

DJ: I get it, cheated everything (including body)... (laughs) Oh, we understand...hehe. Man, I want to be cheated by her too!

Ray: Then Charmaine supported me when I was hurt.

DJ: I see. Charmaine, introduce your character.

Charmaine: At the beginning, I was instructed to look for my si jie. My name is Chun Mung Yiu. Then, I found out that she was together with this fool (referring to Ray).

DJ: The "Mongolian" (in english). Lol

Charmaine: Because of Sonija, he lost his will. I admire his devotedness to Sonija and I end up falling into the trap as well (liking him).

DJ: So you fell in love with the Mongolian kid?

Charmaine: Yes.

DJ: How about Sharon?

Sharon: I have a separate storyline with Bosco, we're in love. I originally was a powerful general's daughter, my father is Benz Hung (Hung Siew Hung). My character is very bratty and spoiled.

DJ: Is your power great?

Sharon: I'm one of the weakest. But I have two guards name Hum and Ha, they'll appear whenever I'm in trouble. Therefore, I can just sit back and relax.

DJ: Ray, was there a lot of wire scenes, flying around?

Ray: This series doesn't have much wire scenes, but more to real combat. So, you must have some basic capabilities to do those moves. (Laughs) and this series is where I vomited blood the most, compared to other series. I don't know why, maybe I always got injury...

(Sorry, reception not clear)

DJ: Sonija is calling in! Ray, it's the one who cause you to lose your kungfu.

Sonija: Hello?

DJ: Hehe, we were talking about how you cheated Ray and how he is so devoted to you...

Sonija: Hahaha... yeah.

DJ: Can you introduce your character?

Sonija: My name is Gum Bing Wan, I'm a disciple of Chi Hong Jing Zai, Charmaine's sie jie. My sifu sent me to spy on Pong Ban, but I fell in love with him and helped him to cheat Ray's feelings.

DJ: Are you evil?

Sonija: Not really, half evil half good.

Ray: There is no real villian in this series.

Sonija: I did those evil stuff because of love. But I ended tragically. I suicide in the end.

DJ: Then Ray and Charmaine end up happily ever after?

Ray + Charmaine: Ehh...

DJ: The producer instruct you (not to tell)? Is that shaking or nodding head? lol...

Ray: Ehh... Just watch and see.

DJ: Hahaha! We know you won't divulge that so early! So... Sonija, was you powerful?

Sonija: B grade.

DJ: Did you have a lot of fighting scene? Do you like martial art series? Don't you afraid of getting injured?

Sonija: Yeah. I like martial art series, not afraid of getting injured. In fact, I'm filming another one called "Land of Wealth".

Ray: Filming in Hengdian?

Sonija: Yeah. Ray, weren't you suppose to be filming in Mainland China now? (laughs)

Ray: I'm going there after a few days.

DJ asked whether she need Ray to bring stuff over for her.

Sonija: No need. We're coming back anytime soon.

Ray: There is a famous dumpling restaurant, very delicious.

DJ commented that the food there was great and the weather will be turning cold soon.

Sonija: Yes, it's starting to get cold. We heard that it might be falling snow tomorrow.

Sharon: Wear more layers of clothes, take care. It's Sharon here.

Sonija: I will. (Excited to hear Sharon's voice)

Sonija hangs up after saying bye. The DJ aired the full version of LWOLAP themesong. The DJ was impressed with the power of the song.

DJ: Anything special in this series?

Charmaine: Well, there's me (laughs), Sharon, Ray, Bosco and Sonija!

Sharon: Great!

Ray: Great casting!

Sharon: The scenery is beautiful, they were all real. The costumes are also beautiful.

DJ: Any sandstorms scene in the desert?

Ray: A little, but my part in Mongolia was short.

DJ: Any emperor and palace? (The DJ mistake as he referred "Ruining Ming, rebuilding Qing")

Ray: Lol... Yes.

DJ: Was it difficult to scout for the sceneries?

Ray: Not really. This time around, filming was more relaxed because those places was nearer. Therefore, you see we've gone fat during filming (too relaxed).

DJ: Oh, that is why Charmaine said you gained weight back then?

Ray: Yeah, I lost two size.

Charmaine: Yesterday at the promotion, we wore the costumes and his belt was all loose!

Ray: Yeah, I almost couldn't buckle the belt.

Charmaine: The whole belt slid down! (Laughs)

DJ: Anything else to add?

Sharon: Well, Ray sang the themesong.

Ray: That need no recommendation! Haha... One word: Beautiful. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, the cast were filmed beautifully. But then of course the cast were beautiful people in the first place (adding quickly).

DJ: How about the storyline?

Ray: I personally think that it's very attractive.

DJ: Was it same with ASITP and TOB?

Ray: No, this series is more focused in drama. For example, the relationships were explored deeply and the plot was very focused as well.

Interview ends.

What?! That's it?! Uhuh, the interview was quite short, around 15mins. I'm still looking for a better quality recording for the interview. Do inform me if I missed anything important in the interview. My apologies for any unintentional mistake(s).

I've just finished episode 5-6 of LWOLAP and I'll be renting 7-8 today. The storyline is going nicely and the pace is quite fast. Let's see, right now my favorite character is Hon Pak (Bosco), Mung Yiu (Charmaine) and Hang Lit (Ray). In episode 5-6, you can see some of Charmaine's zest in Mung Yiu. I like her interaction with Leong Gik (Power). Did I mention that she's more and more gorgeous as the episode goes by?

I hope I can at least watch till 15-16 because that's were FHL told CMY *spoilers* he truly love her because I'm leaving for my hometown on 21st Jan till 3rd Feb! That's a whole lot deal of episode I'll be missing - temporarily. I can rent them at my hometown BUT my pc is not there so I'm unable to transfer the episodes into it. That also mean I have to re-rent all those episodes when I'm back in KL = paying double! And video rental is not cheap!

Aiyah, Sehseh, no big deal lah, can wait! NOT! You know what? Maybe I'll lure my cousin to rent it and I'll go over to his house to borrow the vcds... *rubbing hands gleefully* hehehehehe...

**Added 20/Jan/2006, Friday***

The interview clip now is available for download:
Download here


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