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Monday, December 19, 2005

Updating news

Dear all, as you may know, I'm still suffering from flu and coupled with tonnes of work today (busy, busy, busy!), I'm only able to translate the news below much later, this evening at soonest.

Charmaine won HK$50,000 in horse racing

From the news above, Charmaine has won HK$50,000 after betting HD$5,000 on horse racing. She actually attended the event as Afortane spokesperson and joined in the betting just for fun.

"I've never bet on horses because it can be so confusing! This is also the first time I won so much money, I never have luck in lucky draws/prizes. I never got anything in TVB anniversary lucky draws, at most I only got into the list of 38 stars. There is this one time where I went to Genting (Msia) and I won $2000 at the slot machines, that was surprising!"

They say you'll get lucky after 30 years old. Charmaine laughed: "I hope I'll be getting more luckier from today onwards". Charmaine also added that she'll be using half of the prize money to buy gifts for her mother while saving the rest in the bank.

Pre Christmas Celebration with Ron, Myolie and Raymond

The news below was translated by babyblue-twinkle* from asianfanatics forum.

With the Christmas holidays coming up, a group of young TVB artists gathered together. Four of TVB’s “siu suns” and “fa dans”, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Raymond Lam and Ron Ng all show off their playful side, discussing what they wish to give to each other for Christmas, especially using this opportunity to tease each other with their rumours. Though it seemed like they were making fun of each other, it actually is the way that today’s youths communicate their caring for each other.

A girl needs love the most, so “big sister” Charmaine is concern that Myolie have yet been in another relationship ever since her split with her bf. She smiles, “let me give a male doll to be by Myolie’s side. However, I can’t help her with her ‘internal/spiritual needs (心靈慰藉)’, I guess she needs to focus that on her work for now!”

Myolie gives Monkey King to Charmaine

Even though Charmaine is concerned about her “sister” Myolie, at the same time, she notices Ron’s rumours as well. Too bad Ron interrupted first to say, “I want to give Charmaine another Benny Chan lor… since Mr. Chan is rarely in Hong Kong, she lacks a good friend to go and eat wonton soup with her, how will it be tasty?” As for Myolie, I’ll give another phone to her so that it won’t be that easy for the media to check her SMS!”

Charmaine, does not back down, and says to Ron, “Since I’m eating anyway, why don’t I treat you to it as well, is that tasty enough for you?” Myolie, fights to give Charmaine a “Monkey King” doll (Benny Chan acted as the Monkey King in TVB’s Journey to the West II). She says “I just care about her, she will have the powerful and magical Monkey King to protect her…(do you need to return a gift to Ron?) Tell him to be more careful with Miss Koon…haha!!!”

Ron calls Raymond "small"

Mischevious Ron, after laughing at Charmaine and Myolie, he teases best friend Raymond. Seeing Raymond has recently successfully dieted, Ron is worried that when he wears tight clothing in a show, revealing his underwear to the public would be disturbing to the audience (since his pants are tight, u will probably see the lines of his undies xD). Ron says “A pair of extra small g-string undies would be perfect for him!” Raymond, after being called “small-sized”, retorts “Since Ron really wants to be thin; I will give him a twin pairs of “現袋褲”. For him to wear it underneath while dancing, it’s great for losing weight. (Why two pairs?) Brothers must share the same underwear! (what size would u give to Ron?) Medium! (You think that highly of Ron?) I just think highly of his waist size!”

Everyone has an unforgettable Christmas

Everyone has a Christmas which they find hard to forget. Even though Myolie is single this Christmas, she does not find this xmas to be unforgettable. In fact, her most memorable Christmas is when she was in her teens, walking from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong Kok and back, admiring the xmas lights and decorations along the way. She explains “Because it was such a lame and random thing to do!”

As for Ron, he said “When I was still in school, a bunch of friends and I went to the fish farm to celebrate. The wooden planks are very narrow there, and a classmate accidentally fell into the water, and we all started laughing…it wasn’t that we didn’t want to save him, it’s just that there’s a fishnet at the bottom of the pond, he wouldn’t have drowned anyway! Just cold!”

Raymond and Charmaine’s most memorable Christmas was spent at work, nothing special, but the two understood to ‘work hard, play hard’. Raymond was lucky enough one year to get off work early, in time for New Year’s Eve, and got the chance to go to a co-worker’s home to countdown. As for Charmaine, she was working in Shanghai one year, and got the chance to see the first snowfall in thirty years. She says “When I was young, I saw snow in Switzerland, but after returning to Hong Kong to work, I have yet seen snow. Seeing snowfall that time was pretty lucky and it was pretty romantic."

Article scan credit to Ron Station.

New series "Phoenix Quartet" costume fitting, TVB mag scans. Credit to

Plus, All About Women CD!

Receiving popular response, TVB is planning to release a female version of All About Men, aptly title "Girlfriend"

Those who will be singing are Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, Will Released Around Feb or March 2006. News credit to Kitson.

I guess Charmaine's subthemesong in Dance of Passion will be included in this CD. I just hope TVB will give her plenty of time to train her vocals.


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Good day Sehseh . Still having flu ? Have you seen a doctor or have you taken flu medicine ? Please do take great care of your health . I just didn't want you to fall sick while updating this blog . Tonns of work .. That's alot T_T .. it may not be good if you don't take a break since you are sick . May i know what your occupation is ?

sehseh said...

Thanks for your concern... the flu is still here but luckily no more sore throat.

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