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Monday, December 26, 2005

Translation: Charmaine interview with Xpweekly

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This is not the first time interviewing Charmaine Sheh. Speaking frankly, it is always the usual methods when interviewing her, therefore writing a 2000 words article was a little hard. Looking at the list of questions in hand, I have my reasons to believe that Charmaine has already prepared her 'official' answers in advance, but she is the type that still answer unexpected questions.

Question 1: After entering showbiz for eight years, why haven't you resort to revealing yourself sexily?

"Everyone has their own styles, I'm not saying taking those revealing photos is bad, but I'm a low-key person, plus I personally think that my image is OK enough."

The answer was expected. Question 2: All these years you have being called as "Dey Jing" (coy), what is your opinion on this nickname?

"Isn't it better for a woman to be refined and gentle? I think it's fine for a woman to be coy!"

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This answer was also anticipated. Question 3: Recently there is rumors of Charmaine breaking up with Benny Chan, and she was caught going to his best friend Real Ting's house...

"First of all, my relationship with Benny has not progressed to that stage, so why would there be any break-ups? Ting and I are just friends, I went up to his place because he helped me to buy some health products. Those photos were taken during broad daylight, what can I be doing?"

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My relationship with Benny has not progressed to that stage. That answer was definitely unexpected. In another way, it also meant that there is possibilities progressing further with Benny Chan. Because of the infinite definition in her answer, the world will continue to be curious of her relationship with Benny.

Charmaine was Miss Hong Kong 1997 second runner up. The disputes from front stage and backstage of MHK1997 was more then enough to keep the tabloids pre-occupied.

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In front stage, there were a lot of hot favorites for the crown of MHK1997 like Virginia Yung, Lana Oliveriro and Pauline Yam, so no one noticed much on Charmaine. On the other hand, in backstage, second runner up Vivian Lee announced that she is getting married with James Wu. In the end, it appears that Virginia Yung is the winner of both front and backstage.

When both Vivian and Virginia is busy fighting over a man (James Wu), Charmaine already started filming series. No one ever expected Charmaine, who barely captures their attention back then, was now having a successful career in entertainment circle.

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"Six months after MHK pageant, I was already filming my first series. Afterwards, TVB offered to sign me under their management and thus I've filmed series for eight years.

I remember that my first year in entertainment circle was the hardest, I got confused with the studios and always stand on the wrong spot (during filming), I felt so useless.

Actually, I don't enjoy fighting with other people, but I'm the kind of people that want to win. Saying that I'm terrible in acting? Then I'm bent on improving my acting! But when I started to improve, people say I have a 'chick' voice (high pitch), therefore I read newspaper aloud daily to practice on my speech!

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Afterwards, someone said that I purposely sounded that way, and even nicknamed me as "Dey Jing". I was really unhappy back then, I could not understand they picked on me? I was born with this voice, I can't do anything! Plus, it's not a sin for a woman voice to be coy, isn't it better for a woman to be refined and gentle?

The truth is, after all these years I've learned not to let those gossips affect me. Now, I will never change myself just because of one comment from anyone."


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Starting from MHK, Charmaine has entered into a world that there is always fighting. In the MHK pageant, there's fight for fame and fortune, in TVB there's struggle for the top status. The jealousies between the actresses are very commonly shown up in tabloids, they stopped at nothing to gain attention, even to the point of revealing themselves. In addition, every year during TVB anniversary celebration, the competition was amplified with actresses fighting to get hold on the awards. However, Charmaine being one of TVB actresses, says that she doesn't enjoy fighting.

I've (the reporter) also attempted to persuade Charmaine to take revealing pictures for by promising to feature her in our magazine covers . However, her manager directly told us that "Charmaine never like those types". Thus ended any chance for further discussion.

"Actually I've tried those so-called sexy magazine cover, but I'm a low-key person. Though I don't think taking sexy pictures is bad, but it's just not for me!

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I think my image now is OK, I don't like comparing with others so I will never go to take those revealing photos or do sexy magazine covers. Because this is me. In my opinion, all an artiste need to do is to portray their role wholeheartedly. That is already good enough.

In regard of the question why I was always in TVB Anniversary "My Favorite Actress" award category, what does that has to do with me? The award was given by others, and not by fighting over it!"

You're saying I'm very obedient (to TVB)? I admit that."

Benny Chan Ho Man

May people assumed that Charmaine and Benny's relationship was an open secret. However, last week a tabloid claimed that Charmaine went up to Benny's best friend's Real Ting house, insinuating that their relationship has turned sour. Charmaine said that she is not dating Benny, but at the same time does not deny that there is no possibilities at all between them.

Therefore, if one day the media caught her holding hands with Benny, you can't say that Charmaine lied.

"What I'm able to say is that my relationship with Benny has not progressed to that level yet. Actually, he's always away from HK, but strangely whenever he returns here, our pictures will show up on tabloids.

Our time in HK is very limited, therefore the chances of seeing us together is even more rare. I do not dare to say that we don't have the possibility of developing, but something very important is lacking; that is Time. Anyway, let's leave it it progress naturally.

Being caught going up a male friend's house? In this world, it's either male or female! Nowadays, no male friends are willing to go out in public with me. As if I'm having disease, it's so miserable!

I've even tried going to the movies alone, because even if the media took my pictures, what they'll just say is that "her heart is broken, watching movies alone", at least it won't drag my friends into it. When I'm going out with my friends who is not from entertainment circle, they will worriedly ask: "Will my pictures appeared in tabloids tomorrow?" I don't know how to answer and can only ask them to bear it silently.

Actually, I've coped with losing my freedom. Even my apartment, I've never opened all the windows since I moved in. Imagine buying them for several millions and yet you're unable to enjoy the view!"

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The last time doing an interview with Charmaine, we remember that she longs to have her own family. Perhaps it was influenced by her father passing away when she was 5 years old, and her younger brother was sent out to study overseas, leaving her feeling lonelier.

"I wished for a big family, but this need time to plan out. I originally planned to get married by 27 years old and enjoyed a couple's world with my husband before having our own children by 30 years old. Because I like kids, I want to have a least 3.

But the plan remained a plan, as I'm already 30 years old! I realized that these things can't be planned. However, who knows when I'll find the right guy and get married, have kids?

Every woman wants to have both love and career. But if I have to choose only one of them, I will choose career. I think that there is no need to rush for relationships, plus I'm not considered ugly so I can still find the right one after a few years."

In another perspective, if being too pre-occupied in love now, she will never have the same career opportunities again in several years. This is, a realistic question.


Asking Charmaine what's her feeling after turning 30 years old?

"Nothing special!"

If it's really according to what she said regarding not dating, for a woman who has turned 30, shouldn't she be a little anxious?

"I never worried about that. Maybe a surprise after a few years, who knows? Moreover, I don't look like 30 years old!"

The question is not whether looking like 30 or not, but coming from MHK, her youth does has time limit. I (the reporter) think that love is something unrealistic, plus with all these money making opportunities, I'll also don't want to miss it! After listening, it appears that the 32 years old me also deeply agrees her opinion.

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awwie poor charmaine!! she has to deal with all those bad news about her..?? man those bad reporters!! grrrr...but glad she learned the correct way to deal with it!! and thanks seh seh...that is a very long long...interview!! thanks for everything!!!

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