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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sleepy... drowsy...

I'm blaming my bad mood on the flu bug. That should explain why I'm in a catty mood these days. Today I came down with a terrible sore throat, my meds caused me to be drowsy and thus I have no mood to talk, or even to the extent of replying emails.

Well, at least there is two good news to perk me up a bit (enough to compel me to re-upload those clips earlier today). In regards of the clips, please read the previous post.

1. Rain's new japanese single; Sad Tango is coming out soon. In addition, he has been accepted into Kyung Hee University's Graduate School. He is expected to join the Art Fusion Graduate School (Major in Post Modern Music) at the end of 2005.

2. Yesterday afternoon, while flipping through TVB mag, I was thinking that it has been quite some time since Charmaine graced it's cover. My prayers were answered when I got to know that this week edition featured her and Ekin Cheng on the cover. I wish it was Chilam instead of Ekin.

Special thanks to Beckham from

By the way, I heard that Chilam and Charmaine did some magazine interview together in Msia but I have no idea which magazine it was. So if you saw the magazine, please do inform me because I'll be running to the nearest bookshop to get my hands on them.


yanyan said...

yeap, i also wish it was chilam, and i wish that chilam played e-kin's role in 'always ready'...

Anonymous said...

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