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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sehseh's Xmas wishlist

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HO!Ho!HO! Christmas is just coming Sunday! And that means Monday is holiday! No need to go to work! Yippeeeeee!

Hmm... here's what I want for Xmas (but most probably won't get unless 1. I save up some money or 2. Parent/boyfriend/friends with a thick wallet.

Countdown from top 5. Drum roll, please...

5. The Hidamari no Tami

Very...very... hypnotizing...... must get it...

4. Nokia 7370 (Let's L'Amour)

You sexy-thang! Guess I really have to save money if I want this beautiful swivel 3G phone by 2006. Probably priced somewhere around RM2500.

3. iPod Nano

I'm starting to get bored with my 5 months old mp3 player. Time to move on to those with picture display. If can play MV definitely cool! And of course, this goal is more easily attainable than the babe above ;)

2. Futurama DVD boxset

Finally! I have all four seasons of Futurama! I bought this one as a gift to myself two days ago. Please, don't envy me.

and my number one, numero uno, dai yat Xmas wish is: (drum rolls....)

1. Charmaine winning multiple awards at the Astro WLT Drama Awards 2005

This wish is halfway realized as according to the lastest news, she IS leading in her every nomination! But fans, do not let your guards down, keep voting! I know I will, because I'll be buying reload credit for sms later.

Favourite Character ( Top )
1. Yee Shun - Charmaine Sheh [War and Beauty]
2. Concubine Yu - Sheren Tang [War and Beauty]

Favourite Leading Actor
1. Tsui Zi Ling - Ron Ng [Twin Of Brothers] 15.10 % What?!!!
2. Chow Tin Chi - Julian Cheung [Point of No Return] 14.59 %
3. Detective Mok - Dayo Wong [To Catch The Uncatchable] 13.84 %
4. Kao Chung - Raymond Lam [Twin Of Brothers] 13.54 %

Favourite Leading Actress
1. Yee Shun - Charmaine Sheh [War and Beauty] 18.90 %
2. Concubine Yu - Sheren Tang [War and Beauty] 18.19 %

Favourite Lethal Beauty ( Top )
1. Yee Shun - Charmaine Sheh [War and Beauty]
2. Yuk Ying - Gigi Lai [War and Beauty]

Favourite Couple ( Top )
1. Chow Tin Chi ( Julian Cheung ) & Ho Siong Hei ( Charmaine Sheh )[Point Of No Return]
2. Detective Mok ( Dayo Wong ) & Vivi Lee ( Ada Choi ) [To Catch The Uncatchable]

Many, many thanks to Kitson for posting the updates. Remember fans, the votes are very close so please continue voting!

For the current results for Top 12 Fav Character, please go here:


Anonymous said...

I agree! My number 1 wish and the best gift anyone can ever give me is also Charmaine winning multiple awards! That will be awesome! I bankrupted my handphone to vote for her before this announcement and I am planning to top-up. Don't worry, i won't let my guard down because now that there's hope, I'll make sure it sticks!


* super high now*


alice said...

YAY! go charmaine!! how do we vote on phone?? we can?? i never kno that?? can i vote too...hope charmaine WINS!! yay!!

sehseh said...

Alice, to vote, read this first:

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