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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion: Synopsis

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As most of the words used are in wuxia terms, it could be hard for me to translate precisely, especially those kungfu/sect stuffs so bear with me if there is any mistakes. Here we go: (images credit to TVB)

A fated encounter

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Ming Dynasty, the society has stabilized. Though Fung Hang Lit (Raymond Lam) is the descendant of Mongolian royalty, but due to short term memory loss, he has no desire to avenge his country. Instead he longed for a carefree life and lives reclusively with his true love deep in the woods. In order to please his lover Gum Bing Wan (Sonija Kwok), he decides to return to wuxia world to look for the Rain Ceasing Sword, as a result encountering with Hon Pak (Bosco Wong).

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Hon Pak was a lowly servant in Lord Yin’s mansion. He doesn’t know martial art, but due to fate the Rain Ceasing Sword falls into his possession. However, the sword was stolen by Fung. Hon goes after the sword and from enemies became friends with Fung.

The world is unpredictable. Hon bumped into the top martial artist Chi Jun Sun (Kwok Fung) who passed all his internal energy to him, making Hon a top martial artist overnight. On the other hand, Fung was betrayed by Gum, becoming a tool for Pong Ban (Derek Kwok) martial art practice, in this way Pong Ban completed his dark energy martial arts. Fung lost all his martial arts and was hunted down by Pong Ban, luckily Hon came to his rescue at critical moment.

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Caught between sentiments and righteousness

Hon Pak reconcile with his long lost father, Grand General Hui Yeuk Mo (Hui Siu Hung). General Hui in turn presents Hon to Emperor Chu (Ko Hung), thus Hon’s position was elevated.

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Pong Ban was actually the Grand Visor of Yuan Dynasty. He patiently practices his dark martial art and secretly plan to rebuild Yuan dynasty again. He recognizes Fung as Mongolian royalty descendant. Therefore, he drove Fung to the edge, making him understand that the Mongolians are suffering under Emperor Chu’s cruel reign and he should bear the responsibility of saving his own clan. Conflict appears as Fung want to overthrow Ming dynasty while Hon was Emperor Chu’s most trusted person.

Rain Ceasing Sword. Cloud Ruling Sabre.

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Fung realized that in order to rebuild Yuan, his biggest obstacle is Hon. Hon’s Cloud Ruling Sabre was supreme, and in addition he succeeded Long Fan Wan (David Chiang) number one sect: Raging Dragon Sect. Fung has no definite chance to defeat him. At that moment, Pong Ban discovered a secret in Rain Ceasing Sword. It appears that Rain Ceasing Sword is the king of all swords, and it embodies a powerful martial art: The Diagram of War God.

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To learn "War God", one must first learn the powerful internal energy “Heart of Sword”. And the only person in martial art world who succeeded to learn this level was Chun Mung Yiu (Charmaine). Chun is not only the eldest disciple of “Qi Hong Jing Zai” (Sacred Sect), she’s also the pillar of Ming Dynasty. Fung decides to manipulate Chun using love.


Emperor Chu is aging. In the royal court, the only talented person is Lord Yin, Chu Di (Evergreen Mak). Fung manipulates the situation and accused Lord Yin of trying to assasinate Emperor Chu, thus the emperor wants to kill Lord Yin. No one knows that Grand Duke Yun (Lee Tin Yu) is the true conspirator of the Mongolians.

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After Grand Duke ascends the throne he ordered the imperial troops to seize Lord Yin. Hon Pak and Chun Mung Yiu braved death and rescued Lord Yin from imperial city. Yun promoted Fung to General of Borders while Lord Yin who is now the goverment fugitive, conspiring with the imperial courts...

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At this time, Fung has already learned the secret of Rain Ceasing Sword. With his martial art more superior that Hon Pak's Cloud Ruling Sabre; who will win, who will be defeated when they meet? Who's hand will the country fall into?

Translation part 2: Martial art experts (images credit to TVB)

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Long Fan Wan (David Chiang)
Weaponry: Cloud Ruling Sabre. There's cloud motif on the sabre. The blade while change according to the owner's martial art level. When the owner's level has reached to the top, the blade will have a bright and translucent appearance.
Level: Superior

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Pong Ban (Derek Kwok)
Weaponry: Flexible Sword (Xiphoid). Because Pong Ban has only one real arm, the fake arm conceals a flexible sword. The palm is the sword handle to withdraw the blade.
Level: Superior

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Fung Hang Lit (Raymond Lam)
Weaponry: Retractable Cudgel (a stick which can be turned long and short) and Rain Ceasing Sword
Level: Fung was the disciple of Li Yeuk Hoi (Gordon Liu), later he repossesed the Rain Ceasing Sword and learned it's secret, elevating him to a superior Mongolian martial artist.

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Hon Pak (Bosco Wong)
Weaponry: Cloud Ruling Sabre
Level: At the beginning, Hon Pak doesn't know any martial arts. Later, he gained internal energy from Chi Jun Sun and learned the art of Cloud Ruling Sabre through Long Fan Wan, turning himself into a superior level as well.

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Chun Mung Yiu (Charmaine Sheh)
Weaponry: Sword
Level: At the beginning, her sword skilld were just average. She later turned into 1st class martial artist.

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Gum Bing Wan (Sonija Kwok)
Weaponry: Sword
Level: Learning from Master Yin Jing An (Suet Nei), she is very good with swords. Her level is middle class.

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Fan Leong Gik (Power Chan)
Weaponry: Tobacco Stick that can release 'drugged' smoke and secret weapon.
Level: Fan Leong Gik is very good in light energy (which enable him to fly higher/faster and walk unnoticed) and also an expert in concealed weapon. His level is middle class.

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Hui Ye Yuet (Sharon Chan)
Weaponry: Hand daggers
Level: Average.

New updates! More translation 29/12/05

Ray narrates his character in LWOLAP. Source from Fung's Label:

He's the descendant of Mongolian royalty who first met Hon Pak (Bosco) and became good friends. Later, due to their ethnics conflicts, they become fierce enemies; and is out to destroy each other. In terms of love, Fung has a lover; Gum Bing Wan (Sonija). However, he was betrayed by her and realized that she never loved him but was just using him. Thereafter, his personality changed and he was determined to rebuild Yuan Dynasty. He encounters with Chun Mung Yiu (Charmaine) and plan to use her feelings to help him learn a superior martial art. Mung Yiu has her own agenda and Fung ends up being betrayed again. At his lowest moment, he realized that he has truly fallen for Mung Yiu...

Plus, TVBI short summary:

Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion - 覆雨翻雲

Producer: Cheung King Man

Cast: Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Sharon Chan, Derek Kwok, Evergreen Mak

Another adaptation of Huang Yi's novel
Filmed entirely in Beijing

Rain Ceasing Sword and Cloud Ruling Sabre
Carrying the burden of ethnic conflicts!

Fung Hang Lit (Raymond Lam) was betrayed by his wife Gum Bing Wan (Sonija Kwok), turning him into evil master Pong Ban's (Derek Kwok) tool to practice his dark martial art. Afterward, he was pursued by Pong Ban and fortunately, he was saved by the chilvarous Hon Pak (Bosco Wong). Going through life and death, they became good friends.

Fung wanted to seek the truth from Bing Wan. In his journey, he met Bing Wan's younger sect sister; Chun Mung Yiu (Charmaine Sheh). Their relationships grew closer. Fung manage to find Bing Wan after coincidence and from her, he discovered that he was a Mongolian royalty while Pong Ban was the Grand Visor of Yuan Dynasty. Pong Ban stirred the desire to restore Yuan in Fung and together they plotted to succeed in their goal. At the same time, they tried to learn the secret of Rain Ceasing Sword techniques.

Alas, Hon Pak was Emperor Chu (Ming Dynasty) most trusted ally. Fung, who desires to restore Yuan, sees Hon Pak and his Cloud Ruling Sabre as his biggest obstacle...

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JULIEEEE said...

AHHH! i just finished that movie... and i MUST say... derek plays the role of pong pan soooo well it made me fall in LOVE with the character... omg... seriously... I LOVE HIM... he's such a wonderful actor.. PROBABLY the BEST... hahaha seriously, the way he made the bad "villian" seem so good... that in the end, i even rooted for the mongolians to win! it made me really pity him.. and derek carried out the character so well that i felt the pain that pong pan was going through in derek kwok's acting... absolutely wonderful... i love it 100%.. all of IT... and seriously.. i really think that derek kwok has made this movie the BEST i've ever watched... by FAR... haha amazing... absolutely awestriking... i love it sooo much. i never really was a HUGE fan of derek kwok--i only recognized him every now and then...but after this movie... wow, i am completely breathless. i just had to find out his name! ..and i guess, it's DEREK KWOK! hahah wow, he plays his role sooo well.. and now that i think of it, every role he has ever played..really has been extremely wonderful and played out sooo well... it's surreal!'s as though, he carries the audience into the situations he plays out! =] i love it... just absolutely love it.

Belinda said...

yay!!! I finally founs someone else who also like this character. I also never really noticed him in other dramas. But this show made me take a second ( and many more) look at him.

Anonymous said...

awesum stories and pics! hope its ok 2 put online. i wont take credit 4 it. i swear.

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