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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A joke before Christmas

Translation credit to xbunnylicious.

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung, and other actors in Always Ready had attended a charity function. Charmaine's dream romantic Christmas is to be in a helicopter looking at the Christmas lights. When asked whether she would be with her boyfriend, she said, "I'll have to see who's not busy! But I will choose a group of friends so it will be more exciting."

There has been reports saying that Charmaine and Benny Chan got secretly married in Thailand. Benny had already denied the rumor in Taiwan. He explained that marriage is an important part of life, therefore when holding his marriage he will not keep it as a secret.

Before I comment on anything, please excuse me because...







Ok, ahemm (regaining composure). I wonder what's next; "Secret Divorce" or "Charmaine Pregnant" in like, the next week's headlines?


Anonymous said...

I find HK media pretty amusing. They make up stories, yet there's nothing to be done to stop them from writing crap.

I won't be surprised if the headline 'Charmaine's Pregnant' appears. HAha.

Funn Lim said...

well if Mr B denies it then it must be a false news. If she's pregnant I am sure we will all know since she is so thin. Can easily spot it. Why Thailand? Wouldn't Las Vegas be more apt?

sehseh said...

Dunno... I guess Thailand is Asia's Las Vegas gua... (but I tot Macau is?)

Just now I tried to book tickets for The Promise but the seat locator just won't load. Grrrr....

Da*n you, TGV!

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