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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chilam and Charmaine MyFM interview

I have recorded and edited the MyFM interview this evening. The clip is around the size 11.3mb. Please do not repost the link without my prior permission since I'm the one who have to re-upload them when they expires, no thanks to thieves who prefer to post the link directly without a word of 'thank you'. You may redirect them to here, if you wish to.

I will be posting the translation on Monday as no doubt I'm going to be very tired after attending the event at Sunway tomorrow. Imagine have to travel 45mins of LRT and then got stuck in traffic jam for at least an hour before reaching Sunway.

Anyway, the interview below was amusing with Chilam and Charmaine teasing each other non-stop.

Link 1
Link 2


Mo said...

Thank you! I just download and listen to it by myself.

sehseh said...

You're welcome :)

I will post the translation here tomorrow.

ginnie said...

hello there!
The links to download have expired. Can you share this interview again? Really am looking for interviews with this charming couple...
I am not sure if you read comments but I can't find this interview elsewhere...really appreciate it. my email is if you feel more comfortable emailing the interview if possible.

thank you so much in advance.

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